Sunday, February 16, 2020

Last minute replacement post

I had a non-card post planned for today, but thanks to some really nice weather yesterday, and then me being too tired last night from spending most of the afternoon doing outdoor work, I wasn't able to get it finished in time. I'd still like to contribute something to the old Blog O'Sphere today though, so after a quick perusal through my many scan folders, I've settled on the one with the least amount of scans in it. And as for the post that was originally scheduled for today, I should be able to finish it during the upcoming week, and will just save it for next Sunday.

I thought about doing some sort of "What do the four cards in today's post have in common?" theme, but I don't want to trick anyone into seriously trying to come up with an answer, only to find that the only thing they have in common is that all four of them came from last year's COMC stockpile, and that all four of them are cards that I actively/passively hoard -- but only had one of each in said stockpile. See, you would've been pissed if you were the one person who actually tried to find the connection, so you're welcome!

This Diamond (sparkle) Anniversary Ichiro is one of the newest member's in the hoarding club, and as such, I only have a few copies (should've started sooner). There's not much to say about this one, I just really like the card, and it's a nice image of Ichiro's (iconic?) pre-pitch batting routine.

Unlike the previous card, copies of this 2012 Topps Chrome refractor have made numerous appearances around these parts. If cheap enough, I'll grab any of this cards many parallels, but my primary focus is on these, and the Golden Sparkle's from the flagship set.

Here's one that until just recently I didn't even realize that I was hoarding. Is subconscious card hoarding a thing? Well, it must be, because I've apparently been doing it with this card for a few years now -- to the tune of around a dozen copies. Snapper wasn't born in Portland, but he grew up there, played HS basketball there, played college at Oregon, finished his professional career with the Trail Blazers, and was a member of the Blazers television broadcasting team for a number of years... so it feels only natural for me to gravitate towards him. He only has a couple of Topps issued cards, and this '75-76 is my favorite, even though he was playing for the Blazers when the card was released.

Last week you saw #114 (thanks again, Billy), well, this was #113! I don't normally look for this card on COMC, as they're usually more expensive than the $0.10-0.25 that I am accustomed to paying for them, but I happened to notice this $0.38 (the next cheapest was sixty-something cents) copy during the Black Friday sale, and just couldn't resist picking up another one, so I did.

Before I go, I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the second Free Stuff Friday a couple of days ago. I didn't know how those posts were gonna go over, but they seem to be doing pretty well, which is nice, because I believe that even after just doing two so far, I can safely say that they are now my favorite posts to do! And to the people who did claim something during this last round, I will start working on getting everything packaged up in a few days, and should be able to get everything out within the next 8 or 9 days.

Oh, on a completely unrelated note; Matt (SCC) has a new blog, Diary Of A Collector, up and running, so I'd encourage everyone who hadn't heard yet to go check it out.

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Free Stuff Friday #2

Before I jump into today's offerings, I just wanted to say how pleased I was to see that Brian decided to start up his own series of "Free Stuff" posts. It sounds like he'll be doing them a little more often than me, so be sure to keep an eye out for his giveaway posts, I certainly will be :)

I've sent out all but one of the claims from the inaugural Free Stuff Friday, and am currently working on that one, so since I'm basically caught up, I figured I might as well toss out another batch of free cards -- all baseball this time, and mostly of the food issue variety.

I know I covered it last month, but just in case anyone new wants to participate, everything in this post is free for the taking (no strings attached), the only thing I ask is that you claim cards for your collection, as I'm not looking to help build up anyone else's trade stash. Also, not mentioned last month, Canadian residents are more than welcome to participate, but your claims have to be able to fit inside a PWE, I can't afford to ship everyone else's stuff out if I'm having to pay the ridiculous prices that it costs to ship bubble mailers across the border -- I don't know what happened, but it didn't used to be so expensive to ship to Canada?

I think that covers just about everything, so let's get to the free stuff!

Save for the '81 Guidry, all of these Kellogg's have problems. Update: The Kellogg's have all been claimed.

 Misc. food stuffs. Update: Kaline, Spahn, Davis, and 1 Williams have been claimed.

 Denny's holograms. Update: All have been claimed.

 More Denny's holograms, plus a fun "how to view" card. Update: All have been claimed.

 I think that all of these came from repacks. Update:Yogi and Brooks have been claimed.

 Sausage cards? Update: Biggio, Brett, and Puckett have been claimed.

 Despite the name, these are not chewy. Update: Boggs has been claimed.

 I wonder what "Topps cereal" tasted like? Update: Dave, Jim, Pedro, and Reggie have been claimed.

1962 Post with all kinds of problems. Update: Eddie has been claimed.

Well loved buybacks. Update: The buybacks have been claimed.

Some vintage non-food stuffs. These all have corner/edge issues. Update: All have been claimed.

A few more big names, Callison and Kaline both have creases, and Robinson's got some non-crease problems. Update: Al and Brooks have been claimed.

So there you have it! If there's any interest, feel free to start claiming away.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Tales from the Thrift Store vol. 16

It feels like I haven't done a thrift store post in a while, and after checking, I can now confirm that it's been a bit since my last one, almost two months to be exact.

I've been in one of those stretches again, where other than the grocery store, I haven't been going out too much, and by that I mean not going to public places. I think that I've only been to three non-grocery stores since a little before Christmas, and two of those were Goodwill.

I picked up a few things during each of those Goodwill trips, things that I'll just combine into one post, two separate post would be overkill.

The first stop was either on New Year's Eve (I'm a real party animal), or New Year's Eve eve, I can't remember which, but either way it was at the end of December.

And here's how I spent part of my evening on New Year's Eve (yep, party animal!). This one was new to me, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. My only real criticism would be that the film was a little too short, but that's only because I wanted to see more of Monty Woolley's character, as an actor he never disappoints! The tape was marketed as a Marilyn film, but this was two years before her first "big" film (Niagara), so she's still in bit part mode here -- but even with just around five minutes of screen-time, you can definitely see what was coming, especially in regards to her underutilized comedy chops.

Yeah, I know, I could probably watch this episode for free on the Vudu/Hulu/goo goo g'joob, but I'm a physical media guy through and through, and anyone reading should know this by now.

Finding a Cagney film that I haven't seen is always a good thing. I still haven't watched it yet, so I can't offer up any sort of insight at this time.

This was a very fortuitous find, as not more than a week prior, my mom had asked me to keep an eye out for this film, and then what happens, I find it! This also happens to be the first copy of the movie that I've ever come across, so it makes her asking about it, and my finding it so quick just that much more weird.

20 movies for $2... sold! I love finding public domain multi-packs, especially the one's where I don't already have too many the films in other sets. In this particular instance, I only had one of them. I've only watched four so far -- Alien Contamination (gory, not for the kiddos), Battle of the Worlds (loved it), They (hokey, but had a great premise), and This is not a Test (another good one) -- but it's already been the worth the price tag, and I still have fifteen to go.

The second visit wasn't planned, but I was driving by, and had some extra time, so I figured why not? Given how much I found, I'm glad that I decided to pop in.

There were a lot of great old shows on in syndication when I was a kid, unfortunately this wasn't one of them -- I like it now, but I would've loved it back then.

I had seen everything on this tape many, many, times... not a great purchase!

I'm not gonna lie, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this one. For those that don't know, J.P. Patches was a kids show out of Seattle, and to my knowledge, isn't widely known, at least not to most folks under the age of about 40. Given that I'm on the other side of the country now, I figure that this video must've come here via a fellow transplant. For any of you horror host fans out there, you may or may not recognize one of the show's director's, Joe Towey, as he was Seattle's horror host du jour (The Count) on Nightmare Theatre for six or seven years way back when. And I just so happen to own a pretty cool piece of Nightmare Theatre memorabilia that I hope to share on here at some point.

I've been finding an awful lot of sealed tapes as of late, not that I'm complaining mind you, I just sort of wonder where there all coming from. I can't imagine that there's too many places still around that would have a bunch of new/old stock sealed VHS tapes just laying about, and non-video collectors don't tend to have a lot of sealed videos sitting around either, so I don't know what's going on?

[Note: all of the backs contain the same generic show info, so I didn't bother photographing them] I think I'm permanently burned out on Dean's Celebrity Roasts, but I'll never get tired of clips from his variety show... although entire episodes would be much more ideal!

Like a lot of other things in this post, finding cheap DC animated films, that I don't already own, is always a treat. This one had been on the radar for a while, but I wasn't looking to pay $10 or more for it, $2 will do though. This one was pretty good, although the interconnecting stories are done in different styles of anime, and anime isn't my favorite kind of animation, but I can watch it in small doses. Animation style aside, getting to hear Kevin Conroy voice Batman is never a bad thing, and goes a long way in making up for anime-ness of the film.

I didn't go back and add it up, but I'm pretty that the total sum of everything in this post was less than $10 -- that's a lot of hours worth of entertainment, for not very much money! For fans of the physical media posts, I've got another one slated for Sunday, this after another Free Stuff Friday on, well, Friday (spoiler alert).

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Familiar names

Given how big the blogging community is (or was), it's not overly surprising to find that a few of us share the same name, after all, there are only so many names out there, or at least there were before everyone started pulling 'em out of their butt so that their kid's could be "unique" -- but I'm not talking about those, no, I'm talking about some of the more familiar names...

... like Matt! We've got more Matt's than a 24-hour Fitness...

... there's no shortage of Chris' either...

... how about Greg's? Yep, we got those too...

... got a couple of Jeff's in the fray...

... did I already mention the Chris'? Pretty sure I did, so how about Adam's? Got 'em!...

... There are Mark's and...

... Marc's...

... Nick's are represented...

... there's even more than one Trevor now...

... and there's at least a few Jim's...

... but to my knowledge, there's only one Billy! And thanks to the generosity of that one and only Billy, I, and a number of other people, were gifted some cards as part of his blog (Cardboard History) anniversary a couple of months back.

I was quite pleased with my selection, all guys that I collect, and a "Sick Hit" to boot. Well, technically it's not a "Sick Hit", in all actuality it was even better than most "Hitz"... at least to me! I'm pretty sure that no one has any idea what I'm going on about, so let me clarify by saying that the "Hit" was the 1990-91 Fleer Shawn Kemp, a card that I'm sort of hoarding, and am always grateful to receive more of. Not that anyone cares, but I just put this card away the other day, and took a moment to count the Kemp's.This was copy #114.

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Sunday, February 9, 2020

We Were Hooked on Airplane Cards

I recently came across a magazine article that I thought might be of some interest to people who like vintage cards, especially those of the non-sport variety.

The article was written by Paul Fugleberg and appeared in the 1998 March/April issue of Reminisce. I don't know if it needs to be said or not, but I'm reproducing it here without permission -- not that I think anyone's gonna care, the blog isn't monetized, so I'm not profiting from someone else's work or anything, I'm just sharing a fun little piece with some folks who've probably never had the opportunity to read it (hopefully that covers the legal stuff).

As you can tell, it would be a little hard to read in it's original format, so I've done a little bit of virtual chopping to make it a little easier on the eyes.

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