Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Clever title for another card show post

Editor's note: I couldn't think of a title for today's post, so... yeah!

As mentioned on Monday, the guy who had the dime boxes from that post, also had a bunch of $0.25 (5/$1) boxes - those of the two-row shoebox variety - as well.

He had never had these at any of the shows that I've been to, so it was nice to see him roll something different out. The boxes themselves were separated by baseball, basketball, boxing, football, hockey, and wrestling.

I actually started with boxing because that's not a common category to see boxes of around these parts, unfortunately all of the cards were from the 1991 (?) Kayo set, and since I know where I can get a box for $8, which I have been thinking about trying, I didn't want to buy any singles just in case I end up splurging on a box.

Wrestling was next, all of them were from the 1990 Classic (series 1) set, and all of them had badly dinged corners. I knew that I probably wouldn't find anything, because I don't know who anybody is, but I tried the hockey box next, my attempt to try and find something for someone else didn't go so well, because again... no idea who anyone is? Of the remaining boxes, the baseball looked like it was the most packed, so that was next, and that's where I'll start with the pictures (all three of the remaining sports are covered here today though).

There was a group of maybe 25-30 of those newer deckle edged cards, Heritage, I think, anyways those are of absolute no interest to me, but I thought they'd still be worth going through, just in case I could find something that someone else might want. Much like the hockey cards though, I didn't recognize any of the faces, and the signatures weren't helping any either, so after the first couple I just kind of shuffled through them (they were in toploaders) in one fell swoop, while doing so I noticed one that didn't look like the rest. It took my brain a second to catch-up, but after it did I went back through and found Willie, who indeed wasn't like the rest. I've already got one of these, but he looks pretty darn good for being fifty years old, so I certainly didn't mind shelling out twenty cents for another one.

That must've been one heck of a bird!

I'm not a big fan of the newer Tek baseball sets, but this card is kind of nice looking, although it helps too that I actually know who's on it.

These are from one of those Ted Williams sets. They seem to be serial numbered, but I don't know to what though, as it's just some random crazy high numbers on  the back.

I'll grab just about any cheap Eric Dickerson that I come across, and won't leave behind any cheap colored legends from 2018 Classics, so these two required absolutely no thought before being added to the stack.

I think that this is my third copy of this Barry Sanders insert, it's considered to be lower end, therefor no one cares about it -- which is just fine by me, I'll keep grabbing these beauties, and every one else can have whatever the latest hot cards are. It's hard to tell from the scan, but Eli is a refactor, and a very nice one at that.

I don't see old stickers at shows very often, and even if I did I probably wouldn't be buying too many of them, but this one's alright, it's from '87 I think.

I never knew that Wild Card did any inserts like these, I really like'em, very difficult to photograph/scan though.

These were the only two vintage cards in the football box, at a quarter apiece there was no way that they weren't coming home with me. I don't imagine that too many people have noticed, but I've added some wantlists/what I'm collecting tabs back to the top of the blog. If by chance anyone has actually seen them, and has clicked on the football tab, you might've noticed that I've started a bunch of new player collections (inspired by the Reggie Roby chase). I only mention this because I think old John David Crow is going to be added to that list pretty soon, I've just got to go through some boxes and see if I have any more of his cards before I do so.

The QBC set is one that I still don't fully understand, I mean I think it's one of the one's that does the bronze or copper, silver, and gold tiers, but how it's broken down is a bit of mystery (to me). Apparently it also has a parallel called... uh... hold the line while I go look up the name again... okay I've got it, they're called Preferred Power! These Preferred Power's seem to be tiered as well, at least that's what it seems like to me what with them being serial numbered to different things and all. Jim here must be one of the more common one's though, as he's #'d to /500. Great looking card though, sort of refractory, but also sort of not.

I know that they're considered "junk wax" at this point, but I still really like Upper Deck Heroes cards, especially those from the basketball releases. Twenty cents is a bit much to pay for a Broder, but I hadn't seen this Bird before, so I didn't mind overpaying a tad to get it. The late 90's Jerry west insert is just cool! And as far as the Dirk rookie goes, well, a lot of you already know that I don't give two poops about rookie cards, but for the price it was kind of hard not to grab it.

Cheap 90's inserts are always a good thing! I got all of these knowing that I probably already had at least one copy of each, at least that's what I thought until I got home and noticed that The Admiral was a Gold Medallion. I still haven't looked yet, but I'm pretty sure that that one will be new to me. As an aside, I really don't like the subtle Gold Medallion's (or Platinum's), that was a bit of misstep on Fleer's part, not that it really matters at this point, but I'm just sayin'.

Now that I've covered the nickel and dime (so to speak) stuff that I got from this fellow, I'm gonna save my "big ticket" item, also bought from him, for Friday. I'm not a big fan of doing the one-card posts, but I think this one will be worth it.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Diverse dime boxes

Now that this year's Secret Santa has officially been set in motion, I can start catching up on things that normally would've been covered by now, namely the rest of the haul that I brought home from September's super mega card show.

I do have a few more thank you posts to do, but with the aforementioned Secret Santa, I've got some shopping to do, which means another card show will likely be in my future, and hey, there just so happens to be one in less than two weeks -- and if I do go, I can't imagine that I won't end up bringing anything back for myself, so I'm gonna try and get the last show's stuff taken care of real quick, that way I don't end up having two shows worth of stuff to catch up on. Hopefully the people that I owe public thanks to for items sent my way, won't be upset by having to wait another week or two before I gush over their generosity.

For those that don't remember, and why would you, the end of September show was one of twice a year 190+ table affairs, hence the super mega card show distinction. Oh, as a quick aside, I just saw that the next big one, which is at the end of February BTW, is set to have 240 tables with wares from 130+ dealers! Just goes to show what can happen when shows are promoted by someone who isn't motivated by greed, after all who would've thought that Nashville could hold shows that are now being compared to The National, and according to dealers who have set up at both, The National is losing ground to what's going on here. Oh, sorry, aside #2, I also just read that the September show had the usual array of dealers from various states (midwest to upper east coast), but apparently there was even a guy from California there. California to Nashville is a long way to travel just to try and sell some cards! I wish I would've known what table(s) was his, as I would've tried to buy something from him, but unless you're the sort to talk to every single dealer (I am not), there's really no way to know where everyone is coming from.

Anyhow, I've already mentioned that despite there being a gajillion sellers to choose from, I only ended up buying from four, two of which have already been covered (here and here), so let's move onto the third (even though it was actually the second purchase of the day). There's an older seller who's always there, and who always has a bunch of 3200 ct dime boxes from the three major sports, as well as some higher end vintage and autos. I've bought stuff from him many times over the last couple of years (although I still don't know his name), so I do always stop to check out his wares. He was obviously bringing out the big guns for this bigger show, as in addition to his normal set-up, he also had a dime box of non-sports (3200 ct), as well as a bunch of quarter boxes (or 5/$1) that were separated into baseball, basketball, boxing, football, hockey, and wrestling. Even though I bought from both tiers, I'm just going to focus on the dime boxes today, and save the quarter boxes for Wednesday.

Seeing as how non-sports cards are a bit of a rarity here (despite the bonkers amount of dealers), and don't ask me why, they just are -- so with that in mind I opted to search through the new non-sport dime box first (don't worry, there's some sports further down in the post). I found the three Bart Broder's within the first couple of cards, with my recent propensity for collecting duplicates, I of course had to grab all three. This particular Broder is new to me, given it's subject matter though, it's not too hard to figure out roughly when it would've been made.

As exciting as it was to find a dime box of non-sport cards, I was a little disappointed to see that at least half of the cards in the box were in pretty rough shape, with the bulk of those being from mid 90's DC and Marvel sets. This Deadpool was just about the only one that didn't have any smushed corners, otherwise I probably would've bought just about everything in there.

I was surprised to find these in there, and even though I don't normally go for cards that are this rough, I couldn't leave them sitting there. I'll be hanging on to the Man on the Moon, at least for the moment, but the Monkees are available to whoever wants them.

The one bad thing about dime boxes is, that because everything is only a dime, it can be awfully difficult to say no to things, even things that you normally wouldn't give a second look. Here's a perfect example, did I need expired game cards from the 1992 Winter Olympics? I'm pretty sure that I didn't, but they were only a dime, so...

I don't remember this particular contest, but I do recall quite a few others from the time, as well as a number of the promotions that were linked to that year's Winter Olympics. My favorite was the free plastic hockey stick that one could get if you bought X amount of Wheaties boxes, I think it was two or three. We lived in Beaverton (OR) at the time, and there was an Albertson's not too far away that was participating in the promotion, it was a pretty big deal for me and a lot of the other kids my age (9). The details are a little fuzzy, but basically you just went there and bought a couple of boxes of Wheaties, and they would hand you this beautiful blue and white plastic hockey stick (it came with a puck too) right there in the store, no sending away for anything, no waiting for it to arrive, talk about your instant gratification! This promotion also just so happened to start right around the time that rollerblades were exploding in popularity, so it didn't take long before a lot of us kids were playing roller hockey, even though no one was familiar with hockey in the least. I had two of those sticks, both had been broken and duct taped back together, until my mid teens, but a garage cleaning would eventually see them being thrown away. At this point in my life, it should come as no surprise to hear that I wish that I still had them, as they'd look really great up on the wall... duct tape and all!

There were some A&G mini's in the baseball boxes, but this was the only one from the non-sport box, and in case you can't tell, it's pretty fantastic! I kind of want to talk about the Carpathia some, but this post is getting kind of a long, and I don't even think that I'm to the halfway mark yet, so maybe I'll revisit the topic another day.

My days as a wrestling fanatic are long gone, but it was still pretty cool to find some of these 1987 NWA Wonderama cards. I remember seeing ads for this set in the back of magazines, always sold as a complete set BTW, but I had never seen any in person before. It's hard to tell from the crappy scans, but these are basically like mini photos, the image quality is that good.

I was such a big fan of The Powers of Pain when I was a kid, so the group shot featuring part of Paul Jones' Army is definitely my favorite of the bunch.

I don't know if anyone cares, but here's a back just in case.

See, I told you, sports! Another new to me set here, but Sportflix was a brand that I never bought any cards from, no reason why mind you, it just wasn't on my radar. The lenticular action of these backgrounds is pretty nifty, they sure don't scan well though, and the photograph that I used here isn't much better.

You're now looking at the first card from the '86 Topps set that I've ever owned (I've since gotten another one from Robby). I forgot about this one when I went to scan everything, so I've added this photo right before hitting publish. It has a bit of a punky corner, but was still probably a pretty good deal, what with it being The Fridge's rookie and all.

Some random shiny stuff, finding cheap Prism is always a good thing!

T-Mac was hanging out with The Fridge, and as such is a late another addition to the post. As far as base cards go, this one is pretty nice, now if I could just spot a famous person in the background...

I've mentioned many times before that I wasn't a Jordan fan growing up, but for some odd reason I still have an affinity for a number of his early 90's base cards, these two being a couple of my favorites. My fondness for these cards has grown even more since I started created my dozen or so player binders earlier this year, and since I also now enjoy finding as many duplicates of cards that I like, I'm not about to pass up a few more cheap copies of these two.

If memory serves, the 1994-95 Collector's Choice gold signatures averaged about one per box, maybe it's just me, but with those kind of odds, one shouldn't expect to find any in dime boxes -- yet I've done so in the past, and I did it here again. Obviously Clyde wasn't no scrub either, so why he was relegated to such a box, I do not know, I can guarantee you though that he's now in much better place... that being in a binder with other Drexler's! Anybody who's ever tried to scan or photograph these probably already knows that they are difficult to get a decent image of, this photograph isn't too bad, certainly better than the scan...

Wow, that looks terrible!

It's amazing how much difference can be made just by taking the photo at a slight angle. Definitely another one of my favorites from that day. I thought that finding one was pretty fantastic, but then...

... I found four more! Not quite on par with Clyde, but I'm not going to complain any. I've got player pages for Otis Thorpe and Jeff Hornacek, and Scott Skiles and Anthony Peeler will be headed to my team binders, which are basically just where by put all of the neat stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else -- although if I could find a few more interesting cards of Scott Skiles, I would likely start a page for him as well.

Looks like we've reached the end, but not a bad a couple of bucks spent if I do say so myself! They weren't as diverse as these dime boxes, but I did alright with his quarter boxes as well, and as mentioned I'll be taking a look at that stuff next time, so until then!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Time for a mini vacation

After two days of doing so, I have finally finished sending out the last of the Secret Santa emails. If you're participating this year's SS, and you somehow haven't received an email with the name/address of your giftee, please let me know ( and I'll resend the information.

This is also now my 11th post in 13 days, which is an awful lot for me, so that, combined with the 31 emails, has got me a bit tuckered out... hence the need for a mini vacation!

I'm going to take a few days off from blogging now, which will give me some time to recharge, and it'll also allow me to catch up on about a week's worth of everyone else's posts.

I can't imagine that they'll be any need for any more Secret Santa updates, at least not until the wrap-up post, so I'll be back in a few days with some non-SS content.

P.S. Thanks again to everyone who signed up to participate this year :)

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A true oddball

I don't know when the collecting world started using the term "oddball" to describe cards that came with food items, those that were sold through toy stores, regional issues, etc., I just know that I'm not a big fan of the phrase.

I don't recall ever hearing it used to describe anything when I was a kid, but I've certainly heard it many (many) times in the ten or so years since returning to card collecting. I couldn't tell you exactly why I dislike the term, I mean it's certainly not one of those modern "I'm offended by it" kind of things. The only thing that I can really think of as to why it annoys me so, is simply because I find that particular catch-all to be unnecessary.

Growing up Portland (OR), Mother's Cookies were available for sale at literally every single grocery store, and as many of you know, cards could often be found within the company's products. These cards were quite plentiful, and not once did I ever hear anyone refer to them as an "oddball", they were just Mother's Cookies cards. Another example of this, and probably a more apt one for the area, was the Trail Blazers cards that came in Franz bread. These were a staple for the region, in the late 80's and early 90's you couldn't go anywhere without finding these - card shops, card shows, flea markets, antique malls, garage sales, everywhere! They were like water there for about a decade, and you know what? Nobody ever called them "oddballs"! They were just Franz cards, that's it. I could keep rattling off examples for probably another hour, but I think you get my point.

So, I'm probably in the minority here, but when someone refers to something as an "oddball", my first thoughts are that it must be something that's really out there, ya' know, something that's strange or weird, maybe even bordering on freakish, something sort of like this...

Now that's what I call an oddball! So you can see why I might not like the term when it comes to food issues, as to me it just doesn't apply. When I was at the end of September show, I overheard a fellow, probably in his twenties, who was looking through a binder and telling the dealer that he "absolutely loved oddballs!". Out of curiosity, or nosiness, whichever you prefer, I leaned over a tad (not enough to be noticed) to get a glimpse of what he was looking at, and imagine my disappointment when I was expecting to see some cards similar to the above Phantom of the Whitey, but instead only saw a binder of Post (cereal) cards -- Those. Are. Just. Post. Cards! Not Oddballs!

Bo, of Baseball Cards Come to Life!, showed off old Freakshow Ford as part of a lot that he had purchased a while back, he then casually mentioned that even by his standards it might be a bit much, and need to be upgraded at some point. Now normally I don't much care for cards with writing on them, but this wasn't your average card with writing on it, no, this was an entirely different beast, a wonderfully "odd" beast, and one that I had to have! After seeing that it might be upgraded at some later date, I let it be known that whenever it was switched out for a better copy, that I would be mighty interested in this one. Now if you've ever had any dealings with Bo, you already know that he was replying via email before I could even finish typing my comment, nobody, and I mean nobody, likes wheelin' and dealin' more than Bo! Obviously I ended up getting the card, as well as a few other oddities that I had asked Bo to set aside for me.

I bet you never thought that you'd see any '87 Fleer on this blog? If I'm being honest, I certainly never thought I'd be showing any '87 Fleer on the blog.

As odd as my showing these is, I'm not doing so for the fronts, no...

... this and...

... this is why I wanted them! Now tell me, is a set from Woolworth odder than these printing errors? I certainly don't think so. I had never seen any backs quite like this before, hence my asking for them when Bo let be known that they were available for trade. Things like this weren't of any interest to me when I was younger, but the older I get, the more I find myself gravitating to printing errors like these.

Bo also included this odd Mike Witt. I didn't know that this one was coming with the rest, but it's still kind of interesting. I can't figure out what happened to the front of this one, the texture, or lack thereof, tells me that it wasn't stuck to another card or wrapper. The only thing that I've come up with, is that maybe the sheet had something set on it while the ink was still wet.

I know that no one is going to stop referring to things like Kellogg's cards as oddballs, but hopefully at least one person now sees how silly the term is for such cards, especially when compared to cards like these, which truly are odd, in every sense of the word.

Thanks again for the cards, Bo! I've never displayed cards on my desk at home before, but I think Whitey's going to change that, I really need to be able to see him more often.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

The field is set

The sign-up period for this year's Secret Santa is now closed. I don't know how it happened, but we ended up with 32 participants this year, which bests last year's mark by two. As Billy can attest, I had my doubts about even being able to find 20 interested parties this year, what with the blogs being a bit down and all. So with that being said, thank you to everyone who joined this year!

Also, thanks to those of you who helped to promote this year's SS on your blogs, Roy (Bulldog) and John Sharp come to mind first.

And a very special thank you goes out to, Dan (Vrooomed), from the TCDB, who started a thread on the site to help promote this year's SS. I'm fairly certain that this thread was responsible for drawing about 1/3 of our entrants, so I'm very grateful for his efforts.

As mentioned, we've got 32 entrants for this year's Secret Santa, all of which are listed below:

Me (that's yours truly, not someone who has "Me" for a user name)
Trevor P
Mike Matson
John Sharp
The Bucs Stop Here
Billy Kingsley
Scribbled Ink
The Lost Collector
Tim B.
Rod (Padrographs)
Henry Blanchette
Collecting Cutch

Now that the field is set, I will randomize the names tonight to see who get's who, and will then start sending out emails tomorrow. Please note though, last year I pushed myself and got all of the emails done in one night, which was not a smart move on my part, so this year I'll be sending half of them on Tuesday, and will finish up the rest on Wednesday. And once again, thank you to everyone who joined this year!

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Looking for one more

We're currently sitting at 31 participants who have signed up for this years Secret Santa, which is really great because that tops last years count of 30, but it would be nice even it out if possible -- so if anyone's on the fence, or if you somehow hadn't heard that the Secret Santa is happening again this year, you've got until tomorrow to sign up. It's not a big deal though if we can't get to 32, as I will take care of the extra person, but still...

*Update* The 32nd participant has been found!

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Time is running out!

Just a quick reminder that there's only two days left to sign up for this years Secret Santa. As of this writing we've got 28 participants, which is fantastic -- but there's still plenty of room for more. So if you haven't already done so, go ahead and click on the link and get your name added to the list!

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