Friday, January 17, 2020

2019 Secret Santa wrap-up

Seeing as how were already halfway through the month of January, and February will be here before I/we know it, I'm gonna go ahead and officially put a bow on 2019's edition of the Secret Santa.

We bested last year's total of 30, by drawing 32 participants this year, many of whom were new to our little gift exchange. Thanks to Dan's (Vroomed) efforts, we also had a number of people join from the TCDB, so many thanks go out to Dan for his help in luring unsuspecting victims increasing the number of merry makers. And of course a heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who decided to join in on the fun, hopefully it was just that for all who were involved.

We did have a few hiccups this year, and there's still one unresolved problem (that I know of), but I'm hoping that this wrap-up will help expedite it's resolution. Other than that, things went pretty much according to plan, which is a good thing, as there should never be any problems with something that has "Santa" in the title.

As per usual, I've compiled a list of who gave to who, with all of the blog recaps being highlighted. I think that I have all of the recaps here, but if I've somehow missed one, please let me know and I will update the list. And if any more recaps are posted after today, I will go back and amend the list accordingly. So without further ado, here's the list...

Chris (The Collector) from Kirk (CaptKirk42s Trading Cards Blog)
Paul (Scribbled Ink) from Jim (cards as i see them)
Jared (CMMDTO) from Me (the blog that you're currently reading)
Henry (Cardboard Greats) from Nate (The Bucs Stop Here)
Nate (The Bucs Stop Here) from Jim (budler on the TCDB)
Adam (ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession) from Kari (karsal on the TCDB)
Greg (The Collective Mind) from Billy (Cardboard History)
AJ (The Lost Collector) from Kerry (Cards on Cards)
Kameo (Twitch Collects Cards) from Bryan (Collecting Cutch)
Mike (Not Another Baseball Card Blog) from Adam (ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession)
Billy (Cardboard History) from Kevin (KMack on the TCDB)
Roy (Nothing If Not Random) from Jared (CMMDTO)
Me (the blog that you're still reading) from Matt (Diamond Jesters)
Bryan (Collecting Cutch) from Rod (Padrographs)
Kerry (Cards on Cards) from Henry (Cardboard Greats)
Tim (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning via Twitter) from Trevor (Bump and Run Football Card Blog)
Trevor (Bump and Run Football Card Blog) from Andy (Stadium Fantasium)
Matt (Diamond Jesters) from Teresa (terrbear5951 on the TCDB)
Rod (Padrographs) from AJ (The Lost Collector)
Andy (Stadium Fantasium) from Dan (Vrooomed on the TCDB)
Kevin (Kmack on the TCDB) from Kameo (Twitch Collects cards)
Kari (Karsal on the TCDB) from Greg (The Collective Mind)
Chris (Ntlwhlr on the TCDB) from Mike (Not Another Baseball Card Blog)
Jeff (Xanadude on the TCDB) from Chris (Ntlwhlr on the TCDB)
Tyler (Rekindling The Cardboard Flame) from Jeff (Xanadude on the TCDB)
Joshua (Sportzcommish on the TCDB) from Tyler (Rekindling The Cardboard Flame)
Kirk (CaptKirk42s Trading Cards Blog) from Joshua (Sportzcommish on the TCDB)
John (John's Big League Baseball Blog) from Chris (The Collector)
Jim (cards as i see them) from John (John's Big League Baseball Blog)
Teresa (terrbear5951 on the TCDB) from Paul (Scribbled Ink)
Dan (Vrooomed on the TCDB) from Roy (Nothing If Not Random)
Jim (budler on the TCDB) from Tim (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning)

Phew, that was quite a list to type out... but thanks again to everyone who made said list possible!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Are you down with SCC?

After having blogged for over four years now, I can honestly say that the best thing that has come from doing so, is the relationships that have been developed with my fellow bloggers, as well as with some of the non-blogging readers/commenters who've been kind enough to drop by over the years.

This is a sentiment that I know many share, as it's been expressed in many posts over the years. Some see this though as just another added benefit to the already enjoyable act of blogging, I on the other hand consider it to be the primary reason, if not the only reason, for my still being around (on the blogs that is).

I've made it no secret in recent years that I don't really care for the actual act of blogging. Writing about collectibles isn't all that fun to me, and I HATE scanning! Taking, and editing, photographs, isn't as bad as scanning, but it's still up there on my list of least favorite activities. But you know what I do enjoy (you do if you've been paying attention)? The people! The people involved with blogs (writers and readers) are some of the greatest people that you'll ever encounter, and are certainly the greatest group of card collectors that you'll find anywhere.

I don't work at a place with a lot of of other people, I don't travel via public transit, and my social anxiety prevents me from, well, socializing. So the bulk of my interacting with other humans comes from being involved with the blogs, and these interactions are pretty important to me, meaning that even though I may not enjoy blogging most of the time, I'm not likely to be going anywhere, anytime soon -- at least not as long as a bunch of other people continue to blog, and as long as I know, and see, that people are still reading and commenting on this blog.

I was fortunate enough to have received five packages from fellow bloggers during the month of December (got another one just the other day too), all of whom I have had some contact with outside of the blog, which I have been very thankful for -- the fact that they all thought of me enough to send cards is just an extra added perk that has come from those cherished relationships.

Another perk that comes with getting to know your fellow bloggers, is that you start to get a good sense of what they do and don't collect. There are many instances where such knowledge can come in handy, one of the minor one's being when someone is showing the contents of a pack or box on their blog, and you see something of interest, and know that there's a good chance that they won't be keeping it -- this makes inquiring about said thing of interest much less awkward (it's still pretty awkward for me though). This exact scenario took place last month when Matt, the tireless wonder behind Sport Card Collectors, opened up a box of 2019-20 Prizm.

I was very interested in a pair of cards that came from his box, namely the Damian Lillard and Ray Allen orange cracked ice's, and was fairly certain that he wouldn't be holding on to them, so I asked about their availability, and long story short, a few weeks later they were in hand along with a few other shiny new cards that had been thrown in for good measure. I don't collect the Lakers, or Lonzo Ball, but that orange parallel is really neat, and will be a nice addition to my couple of pages of miscellaneous Lakers cards.

Thanks again for the cards, Matt! And more importantly, thanks for the many back and forths that we've had over the last few years :)

And one final thing, I had fully intended on being caught up with everyone's generosity by now, but I have been struggling mightily with posts since about the beginning of November, so public thank you's have been slow at best. I'm starting to feel guilty - I know, there's no need to, but I still do - so I will try my best to get caught up with those within the next couple of weeks.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Free Stuff Friday #1

So I've had this idea for awhile now, an idea that was inspired by a post that Wes, aka JBF, aka The Pancake King, did a few years ago. Well, I guess other people have done, and still are, doing similar posts, but my idea originated with Wes.

The idea's pretty simple, I've got a bunch of stuff laying around that I no longer want, and rather than trying to sell (when applicable) or trade it, I figured I just stick it in a blog post, and see if anyone wanted it, no strings attached (meaning that I'm not looking for anything in return).

The rules are pretty simple too, you can claim anything or everything, just do me one small favor, make sure that it is for you, as I'm not looking to help build up anyone else's trade fodder.

I'm not expecting the stuff in this first post to go over too well (I'm just really tired of looking at this stack), but depending on how future posts go, I'd like to try and do these at least once a month -- although if I end up getting virtual crickets, I'll probably stop after two or three.

The cards in today's post are kind of a mixed bag, condition wise, but feel free to inquire about a particular card(s) if condition is an issue for you. This first lot is just odds and ends, covering '73,'75, '78, '79, and '80 Topps.

This '81 Topps was a last second addition, hence it being by itself. Also, please note that I didn't spend a lot o time with these scans, so there's gonna be a bunch crooked pictures.

 Anyone working on, or wanting to work on, the '82 Topps set? If so, here's some more...

If '82 Topps isn't your thing, how about '83...

Oh, and there's two 84's as well:

So... any interest? If there is, I don't know how quick I'll be getting the stuff shipped out. If you want a bunch, or all, and you're somebody that I've sent cards too before, I'll probably just set them aside, or add them to whatever I already have for you, and send them when I get enough to warrant a bubble mailer. But if you only want a couple, I could probably PWE 'em out pretty quick if need be. Either way, just claim whatever down in the comment section.

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Sendin' and Receivin'

For some people, Twitter is a way of life, for others, it represents the very worst of humanity. I may not be overly fond of it, but I wouldn't quite put into the "worst thing that's ever happened" category... at least not yet!

I freely admit that I still don't understand the need for social media, but that could be just because I took so long to start using it, well, that and I just don't care about the majority of the things that other folks do. I never worry about the things that I can't control, nor do I feel the need to espouse my opinion on said things, so that kind of excuses me from most of what people seem to be talking and/or arguing about on a daily basis.

In the last couple of months, I spend, on average, about five minutes a day on Twitter, this being down from about the ten minutes a day that I spent on there before. Like I said, there just isn't a lot of reasons for me to be on there any more than that.

I've said it before, but the only two reasons I even bother with the site, are so that I can try and promote the blog, and so that I can easily keep in touch with other bloggers. At least that's what I used to say, but after seeing a chance tweet back in November, I have to add a third reason for using the site to my list, which is that it also allows me to connect with writers of blogs that I hadn't previously known about -- as was the case with, Trevor, from The Rippin' And The Tradin'.

You see, it was during one of my daily five-minute excursions that I noticed Trevor's tweet about needing only two more cards to complete his 1991-92 Upper Deck basketball set. Now it just so happened that I had a bunch of cards from that set sitting in a box that was destined for the thrift store, so I figured I might as well take a look and see if I could help this random person (who I was mutually following and didn't even know it at the time). I ended up finding the two needed cards almost immediately, they were literally in the first ten cards or so that I went through (fate?), so I let him know that I had them, and a few days later they were headed to their new home.

As is always the case, I wasn't looking for anything in return, but Trevor wasn't gonna let that fly, so after a brief wait on his part while I added some want lists back to the blog (this took place right as the Secret Santa was getting started up), he ended up sending five Reggie Roby's in return, four of which were needed (the other went into one of my random team binders). As mentioned, I wasn't looking for anything in return, but that being said, this was a pretty solid return.

Thanks again for the Reggie's, Trevor! This collection is probably my primary interest right now, so these cards were greatly appreciated, as I haven't had the best luck in tracking down cards of his on my own so far.

And to everyone else, you now have something "new" to add your respective blogrolls, and who knows, with some more support, Trevor might actually be encouraged to write a little more often (not so subtle hint 😉).

Oh, and because I can't see the name of Trevor's blog and not think of this...

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Pack Sampling: 1992 Pro Set Series 1 jumbo pack

It's 2020. Do you know where your children are?

Hopefully everyone had a safe New Year's Eve! I'd say that as long as long you're not seeing pink elephants right now, and are still in possession of all of your digits, than you probably didn't go overboard last night. As for my rockin' evening, I read some, had a beer, watched As Young As You Feel, and was asleep by 10:30pm; so in other words... I had myself a typical Tuesday night.

I have no idea if anyone's actually reading blog posts today, but I'm doing one anyway. I'm not one for resolutions, and I don't see much from the last decade (or the previous one for that matter) that's worth looking back on, so instead I'm gonna open up a now 28 year-old pack of cards, and bore the snot out of everyone by posting about it.

I've been jonesin' to open today's pack pretty much ever since I laid eyes on it back at September's card show. I had no idea whether a dollar was too much to pay for it or not, but I had never opened a pack of 1992 Pro Set before, and it was a jumbo pack, so...

And yes, you read that right, I've never opened a pack of 1992 Pro Set before, and after opening it, I realized that I've also apparently never owned a single card from the set before. I don't how this happened, because I've certainly opened enough packs/boxes of the three previous years. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I believe I came up with answer though: 1992 was about the time I stopped collecting football cards (big mistake on my part), so this is probably why this set is new to me, because for all intensive purposes, it is!

Normally I'd try to show all of the pack's contents, but with 31 cards (plus a game piece) in this particular pack, it's not really doable. Instead, I'll just be looking at the keepers, and on the off chance someone needs anything from this set, I will list the numbers of the non-keepers at the end.

The first card out of the gate was this John Elway insert. The pack says that this set was randomly inserted in packs, but seeing as how it was right on top, I can't help but wonder if these were much more common in the jumbo packs? Aside form the placement of his right hand, it's not bad looking card, the gold bits are attractive, especially since they haven't been sullied from 17 years of being handled.

This guy was pretty good, still holds a ton of records too. Although I did see that his most games played (382) record might be in jeopardy, well, that is if Adam Vinatieri has enough left in the tank, as he's only 18 games away from breaking Morten's mark. Speaking of Adam Vinatieri, if he plays even a single game next season, he'll break George Blanda's record for oldest player to plan in an NFL game.

This is a great image, although it's one of the few times that Pro Set logo, as well as the name bar, feel sort of intrusive. I was reading a thing a while back, and someone said that had he played for anyone other than the 49ers, John Taylor would be considered the second best wideout of all-time, as sharing duties with Jerry Rice really hurt his overall numbers. There probably is a lot of truth to that statement, but had he played for anyone other than the 49ers, he probably wouldn't have as many rings, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that those rings are probably more important to John, than being higher up in the all-time receiver rankings.

I was already on the fence about doing so, but after getting the '94 Finest refractor from Marc, and now this, I'm gonna be adding John Taylor to my list of player collections. I need to go see if I already have any more of his cards though...

The backs are pretty standard for Pro Set, which is a good thing.

As mentioned, I've never seen this set before, so I was kind of surprised to see seven different subsets represented within this pack, and I don't even know if that's all of them. I didn't even realize too that Warren here had some weird powder on him until after I got done scanning the card, the powder came off, but I didn't want to take the time to re-scan the card.

I can't recall if I've already talked about it on here or not, my apologies if I already have, but I've been watching a lot of older games on YouTube as of late, and it's amazing how many guys from the late 80's and early 90's that I've either forgotten about entirely, or had forgotten just how good they were -- Steve Atwater being one of the latter. After watching a few Broncos games, as well as some of his highlights videos, I've decided to add Steve to my list of player collections too.

I have no real reason for doing so, but I always feel like I have to keep any cards featuring the Matthews clan.

Another subset? I haven't looked to see if there are anymore Innovators cards, but if there are, I'm gonna go ahead and say that this is my favorite of the subsets.

Interesting! Looks like I now have another name to add to the list, thankfully though, Pete's got less than ten cards, so this "collection" shouldn't be too hard to complete.

Yet another subset? You sure don't hear much about Dave anymore! I don't have many Seahawks in my team binders for random cards that I like, so this'll be a welcome addition.

Now I know for sure that this one is indeed a subset, and it looks like a fun one. And pulling cards of Barry Sanders is always a good thing, getting one is about as close to an inserts as one can get without actually pulling an insert.

Overall, I really like the look of the cards, although from what I've seen , for some inexplicable reason, Pro Set changed the base set design for series 2, and it wasn't for the better! I was hoping to pull a Reggie Roby (he's got a card in both series), obviously I didn't, but I'm still really happy with the purchase, and would most likely buy more (series 1) packs if I ever come across them.

As for the extras, I don't want to have to look through anyone's 1992 Pro Set needs, so if you do by need anything from this set, here's a list of what I'm not keeping: 10,15,44,56,71,89,99,135,145,147, 187,199,207,226,237,242,270,293,327,332,337,354,388. And remember too, these are all free for the taking :)

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Seeing double vision

Like a lot of folks, I got a COMC shipment this month. As per usual, my shipment was made up of cards that had been accumulating since last year, 228 cards to be exact, although now that they're not offering free shipping during the Black Friday sale, this'll be the last time that I have this many cards shipped, as I will now just do so when the count reaches 100 and get the $5 credit for shipping them.

The good news is that I actually got all of my cards this years -- the shipments from the previous two years were both missing cards, cards that I got refunded for, which is nice, but it still sucks knowing that those missing cards were one's that I will never be able to find for those prices again.

The bad news is that I have five damaged cards in the shipment -- not from shipping though, no, this was the kind of damage that can't be seen in the scans, and wasn't noted, so whoever buys them doesn't find out about it until they're in hand. From past experience, I can tell that these were damaged by their automated sorters, but they'll never admit that their machines damage cards though (just ask all of the people who have sent in undamaged cards that were rejected later, after being sorted, for being damaged). Since these five cards total about eight bucks in credit (gotten from doing the Challenges), you can bet your sweet bippy that I will be returning them. The worst part though was that one of those cards was going to be for someone else, and it's fairly rare, so it was nice that they could damage something like that without even noticing it. Oh, and I said that I got 228 cards, well, it was supposed to only be 227... they sent me an extra card! Some people might take advantage of this small oversight and keep it, but I'm not one of them, it'll be going back with the damaged cards.

It probably sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm really not, aside for the damaged cards, I still got 222 cards that I probably couldn't have gotten cheaper anywhere else -- and as mentioned, everything was paid for with credit that was earned from doing the Challenges, which I'm definitely not complaining about, because without that I wouldn't have been able to afford about half of these cards.

My accumulations in the past have usually been all over the place category wise, but this year everything pretty much falls into one of four categories: 90's inserts and parallels, player collections, non-sports, and... Billy Muffett! I'm joking, sort of. That fourth category is actually duplicates, although the more accurate description would be, "Multiple copies of cards that I really like".

I still don't know what brought on this want to own lots of copies of the same card, and honestly, after a year or so of collecting like this, I don't really care. It's fun for me, so I'm just gonna keep doing it until it no longer is.

As you might be able to tell from the first two scans, the '61 Topps Billy Muffett is one of my favorites, and is one of the few that I actually remember to look for on fairly regular basis. I haven't put them away yet, but I think that with these new additions, I've got a shade over thirty copies now.

The "golden shower" Ichiro is another one of my faves, although I'm sort of hoarding all of the cards that contain this image from that year's chrome and flagship sets.

I only vaguely remember when the Topps 75th Anniversary set came out, I saw that it was basically just made up of reprinted cards, and sort of wrote it off. Then a few years later I saw post about them from Billy, from it I learned that they had also done parallels, which made the set a little more appealing since it wasn't just straight-up reprints anymore. I had meant to look into those parallels a little sooner, but it must not of been meant to be, because I didn't actually do so until just a couple of months ago.

I ended up getting about half dozen of the foils, which are the most common parallels from the set, but the only one that I got in duplicate was this Incredible Hulk. This card was already the best image from the original set, and I gotta say, I think it looks even better with the shiny (sort of refractorish) green border.

I must've gotten these either late last year, or earlier this year, because I don't really remember buying all of these. It it is one of my favorite cards from the 2014 Prizm set though, so I'm not disputing the purchase (and I'm too lazy to go back and double check it), I'll just have to assume that there was a bunch of them for dirt cheap prices... which prompted me to buy them all.

I spent a little more time looking at the 2015 Topps Tek set this year, than I had in previous years. I like the look of the set, but there's an awful lot of players in there that are of absolutely no interest to me, so what's a boy to do? Well, buy lots of copies of the cards I do like, of course!

I haven't really looked into what the odds were with the various parallels, but I think that the purple one's might've been one of the more common, but even so, for less than a buck apiece, I considered these Barry's to be criminally undervalued.

I'm not actively looking to buy lots of copies of every card in this post, Mark Jackson here being one of those, but I do like the card, and since no one really cares about this particular MJ, his cards tend to be very cheap... too cheap for me to pass up!

I loved LJ when I was a kid, but this too is another one that I'm not actively seeking, says the person who owns like half a dozen of them now.

I've said it before, but I really like the contrast that's created when a b&w image is put in front of a colored background.

One of my favorites from the 2015-16 Prizm set.

Shareef is another guy that nobody really cares about, but I collect him, so I might as well buy up all of the cheap copies of this wonderful looking card.

Some of these purchases have been inspired by Chris' matching color collection. Karl doesn't quite fit that bill, but it's close enough to still look really good in this shade of blue.

Damian Lillard is one of the few active players that I'm collecting, and of all of his cards that I've seen, this 2015-16 ruby red is by far my favorite. I've probably got close to a page of these now too.

I've probably talked about this card more on the blog here, than anyone else has ever talked about any other card from the 2015-16 set. These are the only two colors that I'm actively looking for, mostly because I still can't decide which one looks better. By the by, have you noticed anything about the last five scans? There all made up of light blue and ruby red's. A lot of the singles in my stockpile were made up of those two colors too, something that I didn't realize until I started going through them. No matter how much I apparently like cards in these two shades, with the reds being numbered to /350, and the blues to /199, there is only a finite number of each for me to get, so some of these collections of duplicates will likely be capped off at some point, whether I want them to or not.

It'll probably be a while before I finish photographing and scanning the rest of my COMC order, so don't be looking to see much more of it any time soon. Other than those made at the two or three shows I will hopefully attend, I don't anticipate purchasing a lot of cards during the upcoming year, so much like this year, my COMC hoard will probably make up the bulk of the card content that you see here on the blog in 2020.

And finally, on completely unrelated note, Andy, from Stadium Fantasium, is running his second annual Rose Bowl contest. I think that he's offering something extra for promoting it, but I'm not gonna mention that I did so, as I don't care about getting something just for spreading the word. I do however care about him having a successful contest, so get yourself entered, not only will it be fun, but you'll also have a chance to win some really great (not hyperbole) prizes this year.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.