Friday, January 22, 2016

TTM Triumph #12: Larry Seiple

Today's post will feature my first non basketball return:

Mr. Seiple played three years of college ball at the University of Kentucky (1964-66) where he served as running back and wide receiver. All the while he was also handling the punting duties, kickoff returns and punt returns. His most famous college exploit came in 1965 against Ole Miss where on a 4th and 41, he ran a fake punt 70 yards for a touchdown.

He was drafted in the seventh round by the then AFL Miami Dolphins. His best all around season came in 1969 where he netted 577 yards and 5 touchdowns leading the Dolphins in both categories. In his 11 seasons with the Dolphins he played many positions, although not with the same regularity as he did in college. It's interesting to note as well, that Larry had the green light from coach Shula to run fake punts any time he thought he could get the first down. Mr. Seiple would go on to win two Super Bowl rings during his career, most notably with the 1972 team that went undefeated. Many people of a certain age might also remember his 37 yard fake punt run to set up Miami's first touchdown in their eventual win against the Steelers in the 1972 AFC title game.

As always a big thank you goes out to Mr. Seiple.

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  1. I remember the 72 afc championship game well. My neighbor and best friend was a Steelers fan. The Sieple play was the key to the win

    1. They definitely don't make football players like him anymore.