Friday, February 17, 2017

A Thank You Post #1

Due to the weather being really nice lately, and the COMC challenges finally working properly this week after months of being completely wonked up, I haven't been spending very much time thinking about blogging. Between trying to get outside stuff done, and building back up my COMC credit before the challenges start screwing up again (because they will sooner or later), there hasn't been a lot of time for me to do anything else. That being said, I have a couple of posts to do that I really don't want to let go for too long, lest I start to appear to be ungrateful for the things that have been recently sent my way. So the next three posts will be devoted to the generosity of others.

This first of three thank you posts is going to be slightly different than the next two, in that not only will it be a thank you post, but also a recommended (highly) eBay seller post.

About two weeks ago I won a couple of different 2014-15 Prizm basketball parallel lots from kbsportzcardz on eBay. After the auctions ended, I was contacted by the seller, who since I don't know if he would want his real name mentioned publicly or not, I will just refer to as "Ken". Anyway, Ken sent me a message asking if I would be interested in any extra base cards, as he had opened four cases of the 2014 Prizm, and as one would expect, had plenty of base duplicates. At first he wanted to know if I was interested in any particular players or teams, which I was not, but I did let him know that I would probably be working on the set at some point, to which he replied... and I'm paraphrasing, "Great, I can definitely hook you up"... and hook me up he did.

Now, I was honestly only expecting maybe 25-30 base cards (at best) to be tossed in, which would have been great, instead Ken decided to drop a Prizm bomb on me:

I don't know if that first picture fully illustrates the sheer quantity of cards, so here is a another angle:

Each one of those nine stacks is comprised of more than a hundred cards, which is just crazy, right? If I had been smart, I would have taken a picture of the cards in the box, but after opening it, I believe I was in what could be called a "state of shock/awe" for a few minutes afterward. The box had to weigh at least 20-25 pounds, so I knew that there was clearly more than the 25-30 extra cards that I had been sort of hoping for, but I still wasn't expecting this.

Later in the evening I contacted Ken to thank him profusely, and to offer to pay something towards, not only all the base cards, but the difference in shipping as I knew this box cost more to send than the $6 I paid for shipping. Ken didn't want any extra compensation, instead I was told that it was done merely as an act of kindness, and to pay it forward when possible, which is something I had already intended to do upon seeing all of these cards.

So since there are so many duplicates, if anyone reading this wants any, please let me know. I'm assuming Billy wouldn't mind a few, and if Chris sees this, you will be getting some as well (Note to Chris: I'm still working on putting your box together, but going through these has delayed me even more). Anybody else though? Raz, Rockets? Kerry, Blazers? Anyone else? Also, if anybody wants a 100-150 card starter set, I can easily put that together. Most of the rookies are missing, along with the Lebron's, Curry's, etc., but there are still some big names. A large part of the duplicates come from the retired player's portion of the checklist, for example, there are about a dozen Iverson's, Shaq's, Bill Russell's, Grant Hill's, Mychal Thompson's and so forth.

And if that wasn't enough, after I dug through all the base cards to get to the cards that I actually purchased, I found that Ken had also included these two as well:

On the left is a Boris Diaw Blue Mojo Prizms jersey card, and on the right, an Enes Kanter Blue Mojo Prizms parallel. Both of these were greatly appreciated as well.

After all that, here are the four lots that I won, all of which went for far less than I anticipated:

From left to right: Blue Wave Prizms, red, white, and blue Prizms, Green's, and Prizm Prizms (AKA refractors).

Since there were way too many to show all of them, and this post going on way too long, so I will just provide a small sample of what was in each lot. Starting with the Prizms:


Blue Wave's :

Red, white, and blue's:

Many (many) thanks to "Ken" for the overly generous amount of freebies, thanks doesn't seem like enough, but hopefully it will suffice. And for everybody else, please click on the link near the top of the post and add him to your favorite sellers list. This is the kind of person who eBay needs more of, and who deserves as much business sent his way as possible.

Thanks for taking a moment (or two) to look at my page.


  1. Wow, that is a huge haul! I'd be in a state of shock and awe too. What a nice gesture by "Ken" to send all of these at no extra charge. I tried clicking on the link to his eBay store but I got an error message.

    Those blue mojo prizms are sharp! And I like the red white and blue prizms, too. Is there one type that is scarcer than the others?

    1. The link is working just fine for me, so I don't know what could have caused to have a problem. If still doesn't work for you, you could always copy and paste the user id into eBay's find a seller.

      As far as the scarcity of the parallels shown in this post go, it's tough to say which ones would be the hardest to get since Panini states any odds on their product (at least to the best of my knowledge). The RWB's were exclusive to rack packs only, which always sold out quick. The greens were retail as well, and they do seem have been little harder to pull. The Blue Mojo's were only found in retail blaster's, so that seems a bit limited as well. So, its kind of hard to figure out which one's would be harder to come by.

    2. I tried it again and the link worked. For some reason, if I try to open it in a new window I get an error message but if I just click it's fine.

  2. Wow! That's incredible. The RWB and greens were retail exclusive too.

    1. Yeah, he must've opened a lot of rack packs in addition to those four cases.

  3. I'll go for any Wizards you have. I should have some 2012 Cooperstown and a couple pre-'72 buybacks in exchange. Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com.