Friday, July 28, 2017

Al, Bob, and Gus

1964 Topps is one of a couple of 60's sets that I would very much like to focus on more than I currently am. In the last year or two, when I actually remember to do so, I check eBay for starter sets/large lots. Though, as to date, I have yet to find one to my liking (price and condition being the usual issues).

While waiting for the right lot to come around, I have kept an eye out for good deals on singles, especially of star players and high numbers that wouldn't likely be found in a starter set.

Today's post will feature three of said good deals, all (re)found while recently cleaning out some folders, that for whatever reason I just hadn't got around to showing yet.

Mr. Tiger has been sitting in one of my oldest folders, I think he might have been part of last year's COMC spring sale shipment. I can't remember at this point how much this card was, but I do recall it being fairly cheap because of a faint crease under the TI, which really doesn't seem to affect the overall greatness of the card.

1964 was, in Al's own words, his most difficult season, pain wise, in trying to play through his ever increasing foot problems. Considering what he was dealing with, it's amazing to think that he still hit .293, was an all-star, and won a gold glove.

Here is the star of this post. Another COMC purchase from last year, that if I remember correctly, cost me about $10 in credit. This is a card that I had wanted for quite some time, and really couldn't have asked for one in better condition.

Going 19-12, with 245 strikeouts, and playing a large part in the Cardinals winning their first World Series in almost two decades -- I don't think it would be an understatement to say that Bob Gibson's 1964 season was a pretty good one.

Gus Bell might not seem too terribly exciting, especially following two hall of famers, but...

... he is a high number, and he only set me back 25 cents! A 15 year veteran who had a career batting average of .281, with four all-star game appearances, Gus Bell certainly was no slouch either. As an extra added bonus, this also happens to be Mr. Bell's final card, or as Nick would call it, his "sunset" card. It may seem a bit silly, but I do consider this to one of my better card show purchases this year (so far).

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  1. Gonna have to add the Gibson to my watch list at the National tomorrow, thanks for reminding me! Always wanted that one, but can never find it for a decent price.

    1. Well then, I very much hope that you are able to find one. It seems like if any place was going to have a copy for a reasonable price, that would be it.