Sunday, June 10, 2018

COMC Sundays: 2013 Panini Golden Age Historic Signatures

Hey there, welcome to week 2 of my new ongoing series. If you liked last week's stuff, than there's a pretty good chance that you'll like this week's as well. And if you didn't like last week's stuff, well then, you could always skip through to the bottom, as I've tucked a bit of non-card content into today's post as well.

Al Kaline: Everyone knows of Mr. Tiger's accomplishments, so I don't think that any stats need to be added here. I actually bought a second copy of this card during the recent Spring Sale, the price was so low that I just couldn't not buy it. I've heard of instances where COMC has contacted people to ask them to return a card after they have bought something from someone who had accidently priced it too low, I was half-expecting for this to be one of those times, but no email ever came, so I guess the seller either didn't know of it's value... or they just don't think too highly of Mr. Kaline.

Ralph Terry: Owner of two World Series rings, MVP of the 1962 World Series, and a two-time all-star. [Side note: The image of Ralph Terry's face on this card is kind of creepy looking]

Gary Lee Cavagnaro's only claim to fame was The Bad News Bears. He's only got two other acting credits to his name, those being Drive-In (worth checking out btw) and Crisis at Central High.

Erin Blunt is pretty much just known for The Bad News Bears as well, although he did appear on a few television shows like The Waltons, Happy Days, Quincy M.E., and The White Shadow.

Looking ahead to next week: 2014 Panini Golden Age Historic Signatures.

Since this post was kind of short, I'm gonna add some bonus content to pad it out a little:

Yesterday morning while brushing my teeth I just happened to be looking out the patio door at the right time to see a decent sized turtle about 50 feet from the house. So I quickly put on a pair of sandals, and with toothbrush still in mouth, headed out get a better look.

The bottle was for scale.
As I approached I was pretty sure that it was going to be a snapping turtle, if only because I had seen another one in almost the exact same spot a little over two years ago. When I got to within about 10 feet, I was able to confirm that it was indeed a snapper.

If I had to guess, I'd say that this turtle was around 12 inches long, and was in the 7-10 pound range. I don't know where it was coming from (possibly the frog pond), but it was headed in a direction that would've meant almost certain death. The next closest body of water from our property is about a mile away, and although the turtle was headed that way, it would have had to cross the acres of field next door -- which has been in the process of being mowed and baled -- plus, the real feel yesterday in the sun yesterday was in the 90's, so with all those factors in mind... something had to be done to help it.

The snapping turtle that I relocated a couple of years ago was only about 1/3 of the size of this one, so I knew that this one might be a little more difficult to catch. I am no expert when it comes to turtle wrangling, but I do know that snapper's can reach their neck almost across the back of their body, and they tend to be a lot more aggressive while on land... so since I'm kind of attached to my fingers, I wasn't about to be trying to pick it up.

Not surprisingly, the turtle wasn't too keen on cooperating. But after about 40 minutes, he (or she) was safely gotten in to a rolling tote, which was then picked up and taken to the creek in the front of our property. I would have liked to have taken it to the part of the creek that goes through the woods, but being the time of the year that it is, I don't fancy the thought of running into any poisonous snakes -- not to mention all the ticks -- so there weren't too many options.

I couldn't get any pictures of the turtle once we got over to the water because when I got too within about 20-30 feet from the waterway, the turtle could smell the water and started to get very antsy. As soon as the tote was laid down, the turtle made a mad dash for the water, and was gone before I could even think to get my cell phone out.

Just another typical morning in the middle of nowhere :)

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. "The bottle was for scale." I sure hope so! I know snappers can normally put up a good fight... I'd hate to run into who had been on the bottle all day! LOL

  2. a good deed done well. I miss Golden Age. Not sure why Panini toys with a nice release then in 2 or 3 years, it's gone.

    1. I don't know necessarily if it was a good deed, but it did seem like something that needed/should be done.

  3. One of my favorite scenes in any movie ever is in "Bad News Bears" when Engelberg eats the chocolate bar without unwrapping it. Ah, how I wish Golden Age was still around.

  4. Totally did not expect some turtle pictures!

  5. Great turtle pic and stories.

    Loving the bad news bears add!

    1. Thanks, it's always nice to be able to talk about something a little different here on the blog.

  6. Cool cards, but love the turtle story and pics more. Good job saving that fella

    1. That's good to hear, as I never know how well the non-card/non-collectible content is going to go over.