Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Unexpectedly Good Card Show Part 2

Back again with the second and final round of cards gotten at the New Year's Eve show.

Since I ended the first installment with a Topps parallel, it only makes sense to pick-up where I left off.. that being with more Topps parallels of course!

2011 & 2012 were really good years for parallels. I'm starting to find the emerald green's on a more regular basis in the dime boxes, but it has to be close to a year now since the last time I found any of the 2011 platinum diamond anniversary cards.

That ends the Topps parallels section... and starts the Topps Chrome parallels section:

I love me some 2015 sepia refractors. I seem to be finding more and more of these on the cheap, which means my pursuit of them will keep increasing.

Two different years worth of purple refractors.

I ended up getting around 15 of these pink refractors, so obviously this was just a partial cross section.

Two posts in a row with football cards, I think I might be setting some kind of personal record. It's hard to tell from the picture, but these are mini's from the 2010 Topps Magic set. I had found a few of these last year and was sort of on the fence about collecting them or not, but not anymore, I will now be actively pursuing them. This set looks amazing, and I really enjoy mini's, so why not work on a set?

This will be the final card from the ten cent boxes, and possibly the best (despite the bad picture):

How's that for a find? A 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Milk Chocolate Bar promo. You would think growing up in the Pacific Northwest, and up until around the mid 90's having a decent sized Jr. collection, I would have been very familiar with this candy bar right? Wrong, until I saw this card, I had never even heard of it. And even though I would have been fairly young at the time of it's release, I don't consider that to be a very good excuse for not knowing about something... especially something like this, in your own backyard no less. Well whatever the reason, at least I know of it now. It's also kind of funny to think about a somewhat scarce regionally issued promo from back home, being found here in Tennessee -- It's probably a bit silly, but I now kind of feel like this card was meant to be found by me. Oh, and in case anyone cares, there seems to be two other promos in this set, one with a blue background and one with a white background.

Now we're finally getting to the more expensive stuff, although some of the more interesting things were bought for other bloggers, so you'll just have to wait until you see those cards on their respective future posts (hopefully).

This 1997-98 Bowman's Best Grant Hill Best Techniques refractor set me back a $1. I tried to get the rainbow effect of the refractor to show up, which didn't work out so well, I did succeed however in capturing the reflection of the cell phone on the card.

Another $1 card. I am of the opinion that 1997-98 Bowman's Best produced the best atomic refractors.

I have been slowly collecting these 1997 Donruss Signatures for the last couple of years now, and by slowly, I mean get one or two a year so that I might complete it in around forty years from now.

Getting this Kobe, I think I'm only two or three cards away from completing the 1997-98 Z-Force Boss insert set.

Here's another card destined for COMC, as I already have it. These 1999-00 Skybox E-X  E-Xceptional cards are pretty popular, so I don't think I will have any trouble moving it for a profit.

I got this King Felix 2014 Topps patch just because it made me smile when I came across it, so for $1, why not?

I don't buy sticker autos very often, but I had to make an exception on this one as I'm pretty sure this is the only officially released autograph of Marv Roberts. It's kind of cool to get another auto from one of the 1975 ABA championship winning Kentucky Colonels team, off the top of my head, I think I'm up to 4 or 5 now.

I really thought this 2012 Topps Jim Rice Historical Stitches was pretty neat when I first got it, now after a couple of weeks, I can't really figure out what I found so appealing about it. So, I guess if the patron saint of bloggers (Mark Hoyle, of course!) happens to see this post and doesn't already have it, he can consider it his.

A Yaz memorabilia card for $2, where do I sign up!

Here's another card that I'm not really feeling after a few weeks have passed since it's acquisition. It's a 2015 Cooperstown Green parallel, that I probably only got excited about because of the low print run. In my mind, it doesn't seem like someone should be able to get a card numbered to /10 for only a $1, it just seems a little off somehow.

And finally, the last card:

A 2015 Cooperstown - Etched in Cooperstown gold parallel. And here's another angle:

I absolutely love the texture on this cards surface, I don't really know how to describe it, so you'll just have to believe me when I say it's pretty neat.

Like the green George Kelly parallel above, I find it hard to believe that this card as neat as it is and numbered to /10, could be had for a mere $2. Also, it was gotten almost right before I left, so that means that four hours (at least) worth of other collectors had passed on it.

I'm sure glad these card show posts don't have to be done very often, because these two have taken me far longer to write (I'm using that word very lightly) than they should of. You can probably expect the next couple of posts from me to feature just one or two cards and to be relatively quick reads.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. I would love to have the Rice. I have one similar but not that one Thanks. Good deal on the Yaz Relic. I have to say the George Kelly is my favorite. Like be the ABA auto. You had a great show

    1. Jim Rice and a few other things I have for you will be on their way some time next week then. Interested in the George Kelly too?

    2. It would probably fit better in your collection. I just like seeing the more obscure HOFers.

    3. Obscure and controversial!

  2. Love the bubble-gum Chrome refractors and the Cooperstown parallels, but that Griffey oddball stole the show for me. Absolutely fantastic, what a dime box find!

    1. It was probably one of my better ten cent finds.

  3. Thumbs up on that Yaz card. I woulda jumped on it too!

  4. Love the ABA autograph but the player pictured on the card is not Marv Roberts, its Bo Ellis, who played for the Nuggets from 77-80. The uniform style he's wearing is from the late 70's NBA Denver Nuggets.

    1. You know it's kind of funny, there was a small voice somewhere deep inside my brain that was saying "Marv Roberts never played for the Nuggets", but because of the huge influx of cards I got right around the time of this show...I didn't take the time to look into the veracity of said voice. I'm most grateful for the info, as it might of been quite a while before I caught that, or perhaps I never would have noticed it/figured it out. And I did indeed look it into it, and it seems Panini really flubbed on that one. It's amazing that such a thing could even happen in this day and age, but looking on the bright side, I can say I have my first autograph error.

      Thank you again!