Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nellie on the Tele

Part of my recently arrived COMC stockpile contained around twenty or so vintage cards that weren't acquired because they were needed for sets, no, they were gotten merely because I liked them.

As primarily a set collector, this kind of buying isn't part of my genetic makeup. There have been exceptions over the years of course, autographs and inserts have been bought without any need to collect the whole set, but a base card... even just one base card, usually means I'm stuck working on the set even if I know there is absolutely no chance of ever completing it.

I think reading everyone else's blog posts and seeing all the different ways people collect has started to have a negative positive influence on me, as it seems like more and more, especially when it comes to vintage baseball, I'm just buying what I like, and honestly, it feels kind of freeing. In the last six months I have been able to stop working on multiple sets altogether, and just while working on want lists here on the blog (still a ways to go) this past week, I have started rethinking a few more. That being said, I'm by no means done with sets altogether, it's just from now on I don't have to be stretched so thin from working on so many at a time

So today's card fits right in with my new found collecting freedom, as I certainly have no plans to ever attempt a 1955 Bowman set build, but that doesn't mean I can't purchase hall of famers from time to time, right?

COMC had this card listed in poor to fair condition, which judging from the picture on the site I didn't understand, and now that I have it in hand, I really can't figure it out. Granted, no one's in any danger of having an eye put out from those corners, but I wouldn't say that they were atrociously bad either. There aren't any creases and the card hasn't been trimmed, so I would love to know how this particular card earned it's poor to fair classification. Oh well, whatever the reason, I still think it was definitely worth $4 of my earned credit.

One has to wonder if Bowman sent out questionnaires in order to obtain the answers featured on the backs, as some of them (including this one) seem to be more personal and well thought out, than to just have been written by some Bowman intern. And if there were questionnaires, how great would it be to be able to see one? Provided of course, that any were to have actually survived.

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  1. Love 1955 Bowman, great looking set. I only have the Phillies cards and the Mantle, would like to attempt to get the rest someday

    1. Well, at least if you ever do decide to pursue the set, you've already gotten the biggest card out the way. I would like to get a few more of the bigger names at some point, and I've always been somewhat partial to the umpire part of the checklist.