Saturday, March 18, 2017

And the winner is...

Before getting to the results, I really want to thank everyone who entered the contest, especially to those who provided a plug via their blog or Twitter, even if it was only done for the extra entry you all helped bring in a lot more participants... which was very much appreciated.

There were 50 total entrants, which exceeded my best case scenario by close to 35. It's not me just being modest when I say that I really only expected 10-15 people to join in, so to say that I was pleased/surprised by the turnout would be a major understatement. The best part of all, in regards to the large turnout, is all the new (to me) blogs that I have been exposed to. I have started following everyone that I had previously been unaware of, which I believe turned out to be around fifteen to twenty, so hopefully I will able to provide some positive contributions to your blogs as well... even if it is just in the form of an occasional uninteresting comment. And thank you to everyone who added me to their blogroll, I will try not to disappoint. To those who didn't, maybe I will be able to win you over at some later date:)

Before getting to the final list, I just wanted to remind everyone that a couple of days ago I did add another consolation prize winning spot to whoever ended up at #11 to go along with the originally planned consolation prize to whoever came in last.

So without further ado, after the list of 50 entrants (18 of whom earned an extra spot) was randomized four times, it looked like this:

List Randomizer

There were 68 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Richard
  2. Chris
  3. The Angels in Order
  4. JWillden27
  5. Mark Hoyle
  6. Rosenort
  7. Josh D.
  8. Nick
  9. Jeff S.
  10. Dennis
  11. Mark Hoyle
  12. jasongerman9
  13. Tony Burbs
  14. John Hazen
  15. Dion's IP Autos only
  16. Richard
  17. Wilson
  18. cynicalbuddha
  19. GCA
  20. RAZ
  21. GCA
  22. The Lost Collector
  23. Shane Kroeker
  24. Jupiterhill
  25. Daniel Wilson
  26. Kin
  27. Stealing Home
  28. Bru
  29. Reds Card Collector
  30. CrazieJoe
  31. Greg Zakwin
  32. Robert
  33. Wilson
  34. Stealing Home
  35. Trevor P
  36. Dan
  37. Shane Kroeker
  38. Collecting Cutch
  39. SingleDaddyof2
  40. Jeff S.
  41. Al Kawamoto
  42. Jeff Laws
  43. arpsmith
  44. Matt Stupienski
  45. gcrl
  46. P-Town Tom
  47. Kin
  48. madding
  49. Bo
  50. Sport Card Collectors
  51. Greg Zakwin
  52. Bru
  53. Chris
  54. Adam Sanders
  55. Matt Pederson
  56. gcrl
  57. The Dimwit
  58. defgav
  59. Dennis
  60. John Miller
  61. Fuji
  62. Jeff Laws
  63. Sport Card Collectors
  64. Rosenort
  65. jasongerman9
  66. cynicalbuddha
  67. Billy Kingsley
  68. Matthew Scott
Timestamp: 2017-03-18 22:08:18 UTC
You have randomized this list 4 times.

Congratulations to Richard, proprietor of Toronto Blue Jays Collection. Since I have not had the good fortune to have had any interaction with you as of yet, you will need to email me at j t e f 8 2 at g mail dot com with your address and whenever you start finding cards for me to purchase for you.

Congratulations to Mark Hoyle for landing in the #11 spot, and to Matthew Scott for coming in last as well. Mark, you don't need to do anything since I already have your address. Matthew, you need to send me an email with your address though, as we have yet to exchange any cards as well.

Thank you again to everyone who entered, because of the overall success, I am now planning on doing a similar contest right before Black Friday, that way the winner of that one will be able to take advantage of all the COMC sales going on.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. Come on...for real? I won?

    Thanks for running this contest; this is awesome!

    Email coming...


    1. Yes, you're the winner of the proverbial chicken dinner!

      And don't be overly concerned with trying to come in at exactly at $15, if the total ends up being something like $15.37 or something, I'm not going to split hairs over a few cents.

    2. I appreciate that, Jon, but if you're kind enough to put up a prize like that, I'm not taking advantage of it -- price is right rules here. I'll get as close to $15 as I can without going over ;) sent with list, actually. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Jon. I think I wore #11 also for a year or two back in the day.

    1. That was the only number I ever wore.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for participating, and for spreading the word.

  4. close! Oh well. Congrats to the winners, and thanks for the contest!

    1. You were very close, but on the bright side, you'll be getting more cards from me in the not too distant future... so you're still kind of winner!

  5. Congrats to all the winners!

    1. Kin, thanks for your participation as well!

  6. Congratulations to the winners and to Jon for the increase in readership of this great blog!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Your entry was greatly appreciated as well.

  7. Thanks for the contest Jon! Just sent you an email.

  8. 3 great winners, congrats to them !