Thursday, March 15, 2018

A mailday from madding

I have been very fortunate as of late, receiving three packages from fellow bloggers in less than two weeks time. All have been really great, and all three have done some damage to my many set needs.

Today's batch of cardboard generosity comes courtesy of Kerry (aka madding, aka the commissioner of the Cards on Cards fantasy basketball league), a fellow native Portlander, who also happens to be, as many of you already know, the proprietor of Cards on Cards.

Since there's a lot to cover here, I am gonna forgo my normal dilly-dallying, and just jump right in:

When I started removing the tape and toploaders that were used to secure the stack, I couldn't help but notice a few rough cut/older looking edges all grouped together. Even the rough cut edges should have been the only clue I needed, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what they were going to be until I was actually able to get into the cards. And just in case anyone else didn't figure it out by the "rough cut" clue, here you go:

OPC! To say that I was surprised would be a major understatement. This is the one OPC set that I am trying to collect, but it's been really slow going, as I haven't added a new card to the set in what seem like years.

Since a lot of people don't just have these lying around, I must admit that I'm most curious to know where Kerry got this duodecad of 78's?

Jumping ahead almost 40 years, Kerry was able to obliterate...

... about 1/3...

... of my...

... 2017 Archives needs.

Topps lineage might be favorite modern baseball set that contained current (at the time) players. It's also a set that I had very little of.

I believe that before this package, I actually had more of the parallels than I did base.

This is probably a good time to mention that I actually scanned most of the cards in this post, which is a rarity for me -- most turned out pretty good -- although the Lineage sort of look like only the first names of player's were used for the front of the cards.

Before I made my list of 2013 Cooperstown needs, I was seeing them at the card shows all the time, but I never bought any because I didn't want to end up with a bunch of duplicates. And now after finally making a list, the seemingly endless card show supply seems to have conveniently dried up.

Kerry must have noticed all the player's of yore sets on my want list, so what did he do? Oh, just included a quartet of 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics, which just happens to be a set that I haven't ever even seen before. Every time I think I've finally got a handle on all of these kinds of sets that came out while I was away from card collecting in the 2000's, someone comes along and sends me yet another one that I hadn't been aware of.

A few basketball set needs were addressed as well, like this 2015-16 Donruss Rebounding Kings.

After the OPC, this 2013-14 Prizm blue, white, and red was the biggest surprise in the package, as these monster box exclusives aren't the easiest things to come by. Until recently, I would've never thought that I would have something in common with an entitled rich kid from Lake Oswego, but apparently we do... anxiety!

[Note to Kerry: after sending out your package I came across an extra Lillard B,W,R Prizm, so if you need it, please let me know]

The package was rounded out with some more Prizm parallels, this time from the 2015-16 edition.

All in all, seven sets had needs removed from them, that's what I call efficient!

Many thanks for the wonderful package, Kerry! I don't know if the package I sent you was anywhere near as good as this one was, if not, I still have plenty of stuff for you :)

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. Replies
    1. Somehow, I'm not surprised to hear that :)

  2. Those are some colorful OPC cards! And it's always nice to find someone who has singles of non-flagship sets like Lineage. I really have to try harder to find some cards for your wantlist, after all that you've sent me.

    That Kevin Love prism card is very cool. I've got anxiety issues myself and I bookmarked an article about Love (and DeMar Derozan) but i'm still struggling to catch up on all I missed while "unplugged" the Packers making moves and Stephen Hawking's death. And blogs!

    1. It is really nice when someone still has something like Lineage sitting around, although I apparently found two people that still had some... that's a spoiler for Sunday's post by the way. As I've said before, it's not necessary for you to do that, just focus on that future new job :)

      I have had, and still have, a few health issues, but nothing has ever affected me quite like the anxiety has. It really has been the bane of my existence (hopefully that doesn't sound too dramatic).