Monday, September 18, 2017

Worth the risk

A few of my longtime readers might already know (or remember after I mention it again) that I have been trying to get as many cards signed from the 1989-90 Hoops set as I can, and for any newer readers, well... I'm trying to get as many cards signed from the 1989-90 Hoops set as I can :)

I have been at it for almost two years now, and am up to around fifty or so. In retrospect this probably wasn't the best project to undertake. Maybe if it had been started in the early 90's it wouldn't be so bad, but waiting until the mid-2010's made things considerably more difficult.

Even though there are still a lot of player's from the set you that can get via TTM requests, there are quite a few you can't (mostly the hall of famers), not to mention the guys that have passed away in the 25+ years since the set was released. So for the living who don't sign anymore, and the deceased, who can't sign anymore, the only real choice one has, is to try and obtain their signatures through purchase... which does come with some risk.

Obviously there are a lot of fake's out there, but despite what all the various authentication company's say, there are plenty of genuine unauthenticated signatures out there as well. I don't want to use this particular post to delve in to that any further, otherwise this is going to devolve into one long rant.

I haven't purchased too many cards yet, I think counting today's card, I have bought five so far.
Scottie Pippen doesn't sign through the mail, and even if you catch him at some sort of Bulls Alumni event, where other player's are usually happy to provide an autograph, he (according to what I've read) is really hit or miss when it comes to signing things. Knowing that, I kind of figured all along that I was gonna have to buy his card for the set.

This card came up on eBay a couple of weeks ago, and after comparing it to other signed cards of his, including JSA certified copies of the same card, I felt pretty confident that it was genuine and decided to bid. Even with some other interested parties bidding, I ended up getting it for just a little over $10, which considering who it is, seemed like a pretty darn good price. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I will ever try to get it authenticated, but in the meantime, I'm convinced that it's real, and in the end that's all that really matters.

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  1. A ten-spot for a Scottie Pippen auto? I might be a biased Chicagoan who grew up in the middle of the Bulls' era of dominance, but that's a heckuva deal in my eyes!

    1. I agree... great get for the price! (Especially considering how tough it sounds like his auto is to come by.)

    2. I guess it's not too terribly surprising that both the comments are coming from Illinois natives.

      Tony: I don't think you're being biased at all.

      Tom: By all accounts, he just seems to be really moody.

  2. Congratulations on getting Pippen out of the way. I've been a longtime reader, but somehow missed that you started this cool autograph project. Best of luck!

    1. Well, I haven't mentioned it in a while, so that might be why you hadn't heard about it.