Monday, December 11, 2017

A rare contest win

A month or two ago, John, of Johnny's Trading Spot, started showing some of the cards that were part of a rather large vintage collection that he had recently acquired. There was also a contest that was going to coincide with this series of posts, in which entries were earned by leaving comments, that would later be entered into a randomizer.

I don't how many comments I left during the month(?) long contest, but knowing that the randomizer was going to be involved, I figured my chances were pretty slim as the randomizer doesn't seem to like my name all that much. So, when that contest was nearing it's end (spoiler alert: I didn't win that one), and John announced that there would now be a separate contest that would be won by guessing how much was paid for the entire lot without going over, I jumped at the chance to control my own destiny and got my guess out there first... and surprise, surprise, I was the closest!

I didn't know exactly what I had won, but I actually won something. After a very short wait, my prize package arrived, and here's what was inside:

There's some star power... and I actually needed two out of the three.

Needed a couple of these 72's too.

My attempt to build the '73 set is sort of on hold, and I don't really have an accurate list of what I have at the moment, so I don't really know if any of these are new to me or not. Either way though, getting a vintage Clemente is always a good thing.

It looks like McGruff took a bite out of Harmon.

 Here's something I really wasn't expecting, a Gary Carter rookie!

 Not one of my favorite sets, but the Yaz is a neat card to have.

 Having never seen it before, I really dig the '78 Niekro/Ryan strikeout leaders.

My first card from the 2017 Stadium Club, and not a bad first player to get, cool photo too.

Thank you again, John. Not only for the cards, but also for holding a contest in which the winner was going to be determined by something other than having their name tossed into the randomizer, it actually made me feel like I had a fighting chance for once :)

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. Congrats on the contest win! That's a heck of a vintage haul (and that super cool Ozzie) for a "second" prize. And I agree - it's nice to see a contest that isn't decided randomly.

    1. It would be nice if there would be more non-randomizer determined contests, but it seems like its kind of difficult to come up with other ways to determine a winner.

  2. Now THAT'S a great prize package. The '73 Clemente is my all-time favorite baseball card.

    1. It's funny, I couldn't tell you what my all-time favorite card from any sport or non-sports set would be, as I have never really tried to figure it out.