Sunday, December 3, 2017

buybacks from gcrl

It's somewhat of a rarity for me to receive mail from another blogger, so I was kind of surprised to see an envelope arrive the other day from Jim (gcrl), of the somewhat idle(?) cards as i see them.

This was return fire from Jim, for some cards I recently sent his way. These arrived so quickly after the envelope that I had sent, that initially I thought it was my envelope coming back as undeliverable as addressed, or something else along those lines. Thankfully it wasn't mine coming back, instead I found a quintet of buybacks tucked inside, all of which were needed numbers for the frankenset.

Jim sent a somewhat interesting cast of characters this time, which included...

... a guy who hit the first home run in interleague play history...

... the only catcher in MLB history to catch two perfect games...

... someone who's helping make the world a better place by holding an annual golf tournament to benefit those suffering from Alzheimer's...

... a vice president at the Boras Corporation...

... and a fellow native Oregonian.

Jim, thank you as always for the cards, and you will happy to know that not only did they help with my set, but they also made realize it was time to finally clean the scanner glass (hence the first two scans in this post not looking so great).

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. That's some quality information there. After Javier and Hassey I thought "there's no way he's got an interesting fact about Jose Guzman"..and yet you delivered.

    I wish my mail person was that fast (or maybe I'm just that impatient.)

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I would've liked to have had a baseball fact to use for Mr. Guzman, but I couldn't find anything of note. Although in the grand scheme of things, I do think his charity work is certainly more important than any sport related accomplishment will ever be.

      Perhaps it's a bit of both :)

  2. Nice cards. Buybacks are my favorite.

    That extra information on each player was awesome.

    1. It's nice to know there's another fan of buybacks out there, I believe we are starting to balance out that scale a little more with each passing year.

  3. Thanks for the trade! It will be interesting to see if there continue to be buybacks in 2018.

    1. Well, if they did stop doing buybacks for some reason, I'd like to think that there are enough out there at this point for me to at least finish one frankenset.