Thursday, August 15, 2019

COMC Shuffle #23

Another week, another ten randomly selected items from last year's COMC hoard.

2013 Panini Golden Age Historic Signatures #DDG
Not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite autos from the Golden Age sets. My introduction to Donna Douglas came from the Twilight Zone episode "Eye of the Beholder", which as some of you might know is one of the more famous episodes from the show's history. I saw that years before ever seeing my first episode of The Beverly Hillbillies, or any of her other television appearances (Michael Shayne, Checkmate, Project U.F.O., etc.). I keep going back and forth trying to decide whether or not I still want to try and finish the Golden Age autograph sets, but even if I don't end up trying to complete them, this isn't one that I would be getting rid of.

2015 Topps High Tek Pattern 1 Grass/Waves Gold Rainbow Diffractor #9
I really like the 2015 Tek cards, although some of the colors and background patterns don't jibe too well with the uniforms, but that's not the case with the gold Eric Dickerson, as you might be able to tell from the multiple copies here, it's one of my favorites (I have a purple Tom Brady sitting in my COMC account right now that is really quite spiffy as well).

1995 Collector's Edge - EdgeTech 22K Gold #23
Barry didn't scan so well, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that he (in card form) is absolutely gorgeous in person. I used to know what the odds were of pulling one of these 22K parallels, but that knowledge seems to have been lost with time. I do know though that they only fell in one out of every couple of boxes, I just can't remember how many boxes.

1964 Topps #580
1964 was not a good year for Johnny, and one could say that it was sort of the beginning of the end for him. Between an elbow strain, then being hit by a pitch from Warren Spahn on the very same elbow, and eventually needing surgery on that elbow, Johnny only made it into two games that season, both of which were lost.

2012 Panini Black Friday Progressions - Yellow #6
It feels a little weird to buy a card of a relatively contemporary athlete that I've never seen play before, but that's exactly what I did with this Arian Foster Progressions, although I have listened to his podcast, so that's got to count for something, right?

2014-15 Panini Prizm Blue and Green Mosaic Prizms #174
I've mentioned on here more than a few times now about Larry Johnson being my favorite player growing up, so I watched as many Hornets games as I could, and once he was traded to the Knicks, I then watched as many Knicks games as I could. Neither of these teams were MY team, but after watching so many games of both, it was kind of inevitable that I would become a fan of some of LJ's teammates as well, Allan Houston was one of those guys that I eventually became a fan of. It was pretty hard not to like him, or his game. Not only could he flat out ball, but he was also (and still is) a high character guy, and by the late 90's those kind of guys were becoming rather scarce, which only made me gravitate towards him more.

1971-72 Topps #44
To say that the '71-72 season was not a good one for Eddie Miles would be an understatement, as he suffered a career ending Achilles tendon injury, although by then he had already seen ten years of action, and his once very promising career was already on the downward slide. That being said, you don't ever want to hear about someone's career ending because of an injury.

2014-15 Panini Prizm Yellow and Red Mosaic Prizms #160
It is virtually impossible for me to see, or hear about, Dikembe Mutombo, without thinking about this commercial:


1962 Topps Mars Attacks! #12
This is going to sound absolutely terrible, but for as long as I can remember, I've always associated this card with this image of Ted Williams (sorry Mark):

Don't ask me why I associate the two, because I don't know, I just know that I can't see one without thinking of the other.

1972-73 Topps #65
Although he's not often credited for it in print, Tom Boerwinkle was a key component to the success of the early Bulls teams. As far as Bulls history goes, he's second in all-time rebounds (MJ is first?!?!), and he still holds the franchise record for most rebounds in a game, 37, which was set back in 1970.

Is it me, or did those ten cards go by really quick this week? Heck, the week itself has flown by, of course they all seem to be doing that these days... they just don't make weeks like they used to :(

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. I can't comment on too many of these, but the ones I can, you did good. I totally agree about Allan Houston, its tough to not like him. I don't really have an NBA team but for a while and maybe even now if I watch a game, I root for the Knicks.
    I've pretty much gave up on a football collection, but Barry Sanders is one that I did keep. Always a fan.

    Also like the Donna Douglas, but I only knew her from Beverly Hillbillies. I also can't watch an episode without hearing her over the closing credits- "THIS HAS BEEN A FILMWAYS PRESENTATION".
    This post went by too fast, bit I enjoyed it!

    1. I'd seen that Twilight Zone episode a few times, never realized it was Elly Mae Clampett. Always fun to learn something new!

    2. JH: Even if you couldn't comment on much (your words), I still very much appreciate you taking the time to do so. I don't ever watch Knicks games these days, seems like it would be pretty hard to root for them if I did.

      That would make for an interesting radio contest, identify the show by what was said during, or immediately after, the closing credits.

      Bo: The more you know :)

  2. Johnny Podres was most likely 30 years old when the photo used for his 1964 topps card was taken. 30!

    1. I'm so used to guys from earlier generations looking older than the actually were, that I don't even notice it anymore unless someone points it out. But yes, he was looking like he had passed thirty a couple of decades ago.

  3. This week has totally flown by. Hope things slow down for this weekend. I ended up going back and watching that episode of The Twilight Zone. I never would have guessed who the actress was. But I do recognize Douglass from the Beverly Hillbillies.

    1. Since you didn't get much of a vacation, I hope for your sake that it does slow down some. You went back and watched the TZ episode? Cool! One of the nice things about that episode (as well as quite a few others from the series) is that it's theme is still very relevant today.

  4. You must have bout a whole lot of Dickerson cards because they seem to come up in about half of your COMC shuffle posts.

    If you haven't already, would you do a post showing off your entire Golden Age autograph collection? I bet they'd look fantastic together.

    1. I actually don't have very many, it probably just seems like it because they've been in the last couple of posts, usually in multiples. At the very most, I might have like 40 of his cards, and most of them are just multiple copies of the same cards from 2014 Prizm, 2015 Tek, and 2018 Classics -- I really need to start branching out a little more.

      I have never shown them all in one post before, at somewhere around 60-70 cards, that'd be quite the post! I don't know if anyone else would even care about such a post, but I've never gotten a request before (thank you), so I feel a bit obligated to try and do it. I do have a rough idea of what I want to do for about the next dozen posts, so it might be a little while before I get to it.

  5. I love those 1970s Topps basketball designs. Not much of a basketball collector, but I love to look at them.

    1. As far as looks go, it doesn't get too much better than the '71-72 and '72-73 sets.

  6. You already know I am digging that Barry Sanders and can agree about those in person. Beauties for sure!

    1. Why is it that the prettiest stuff always scans the poorest?

  7. i've begged before- please, don't give up on the Golden Age! and I hope you haven't...