Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Are you ready for some football?

Hopefully you answered yes. If not, you might want to skip this post. I figured this would be a timely piece, especially with the NFL season winding town and the college football bowl games starting up.

I must admit my football watching is way down this year, although my sports watching in general has decreased quite a bit. The reason being is the same across the board, that being I just don't like how the each sport is evolving.

With baseball: The home plate collision rule, hitters stepping out of the batter's box to adjust their batting gloves after every single pitch even if they didn't swing, pitchers taking 1-2 minutes between pitch's, pitchers not being able to hit a ball to save their life (except for select few), instant replay, juicers not being banned after their first offense, and all the ridiculous contracts.

With basketball: Kids coming into the league after only one year of college even though 99% of them aren't ready, lack of fundamentals, defense being outlawed, whiny "superstars", foul calls every other play, almost as many 3's being taken as there are 2 point shots, and the negative impact AAU has had on all of basketball.

With football: Not being able to even look at the quarterback without a penalty being called, flags being thrown every other play, fantasy sites influencing rule changes, and guys off the field crimes that should have them in jail but instead are given more chances to play than they deserve. Oh, and the high usage of HGH and no one seeming to care.

There are probably more reasons for my lowered interest in current sports that I can think of at the moment. But another big one is the fact that I loathe ESPN and since they seem to have their greasy fingers in everyone's pie, it makes viewing games for me much more difficult.

Okay my ranting is over for now. On with the cards we go!

All these cards in this post came from the second to last show I went to, and once again they were all 10 cents each. With football I primarily collect pre 1970, but will still pick up newer stuff if the price is right.

First up is a group of 1981 Topps:
I really do like a lot of the photos they used for this set. A few of these are going to be used for TTM requests and the rest will be set aside as a "someday I might work on the set" group.

Next up we have seven 1983 Topps and a 1976 Wonder Bread Franco Harris:

Here's a mixed bag of late 70's and early 80's Topps:

The next two sets of scans are a mixture that spans many years and many set:

I'm always a sucker when it comes to the various Fleer greats, UD legends, etc. sets for both baseball and football, I just wish they would do some for basketball as well. The 1985 Topps sticker of Joe Montana was kind of neat to find too.

And finally two sets of pictures from the 2010 Topps Magic set:

These didn't scan very well. This was the first time I had seen this set. The top six are base cards and the bottom four are made up of three inserts and a black mini. This might be another set I slowly work on, but I don't know for sure yet.

I thought too, that since this a post dedicated to football cards that I would add the only three that I got from my COMC stash.

1961 Fleer #87 Darris McCord:

Here is another one that didn't scan very well. This might be my favorite of the vintage football sets. Don't ask me why, cause I don't really know why I like it so. Unfortunately this is the first new card I've added to the set build in almost a year.

1962 Post #166 Lamar Lundy
I have added about 25 cards to this set over the course of the year.

And I will end it with a 1968 Topps #162 Mike Ditka:

I don't have a lot to say about this one, other than the fact that I think I got it for a steal right after the seller started a sell a couple of months ago.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. They use that same picture of Bronco Nagurski for everything, but that HOF card is the best it's ever looked - beautiful set!

    1. The recycled pictures is usually the only drawback to the players of yore sets.

  2. Vintage football is always cool. It's hard for me to picture Mike Ditka on the Eagles. Bears obviously and I saw him play for the Cowboys but he's just not an Eagle kind of guy to me.

    The '61 Fleer set is terrific.

    1. From what I remember reading, he was terribly unhappy in Philadelphia and even thought about quitting football altogether. And how the trade to Dallas gave him new life on and off the field.

  3. Always love seeing football cards on a blog.

    1. I would do more, but it has been a slow year for me in regards to vintage football.