Tuesday, December 8, 2015

COMC Hoard part 1: Goudey's, Goudey's, and more Goudey's

This will be the first post showing off some of my COMC stash that has been accumulating in my account since the end of their spring cleaning sale. It will also be my first post with scanned images. Some of the colors are a little muted, but I think overall they turned out alright.

I thought I should mention to that all the cards that will ever be shown on here from COMC, have been acquired using credit/money earned from doing challenges on the site. I haven't had to use any of my own money on the site in close to two years. Also, I should note that even though some people spend their credit like it's free money I tend to be more frugal with mine, especially since I did have to work to get it. The only downside is I think I have developed somewhat of an addiction to the challenges, but I guess when you don't have any family commitments (wife, kids) or any social commitments (friends) you have lots of time to spend earning massive amounts of credit.

I also wanted to note that while I usually try to mention how much I paid for things, with the COMC stuff I won't. The reason being I don't remember how much most of it was, and I don't want to have to go into my account and find out how much a card from May or June was. But I can tell you that especially with the cards in this post, that they were bought for far less than they sell for on Ebay.

So here are twelve 1933 Goudey cards that I can't believe I have been able to acquire over the last few months:

I think my favorite out of all of them is Jack Quinn, mostly because of his amazing longevity in the sport. It's amazing to think someone in that era could be so productive for so long, especially considering the conditions in which these guys played in, traveled in, etc.

I thought too that this post would give me a good excuse to show the only other Goudey I have.

I got this card earlier this year out of a box of 2012 Panini Golden age. This was one of the 1 per case buybacks, and thank god Panini didn't take after Topps and stamp it. No matter how many more cards I ever get from this set, this one will always be my favorite. Because after all, how many people can say they pulled an authentic 1933 Goudey from a pack.


  1. I picked up a reprint of that Quinn a few months ago, but I'm sure the real thing is about 1,000 times better. Nice finds!

  2. Neat...vintage is always great, no matter what the subject is! It seems like Big League may have used green ink for all their card backs.

    1. I think they did always use green ink.