Saturday, December 12, 2015

Canadian Pie

At the second to last card show I attended I came across a fun little set celebrating all things Canada, or as Ian Punnett used to call them "our free range neighbors to the north".

The set is called Canadiana, and was released by a company called "In the Game" in 2011. There isn't a ton of information online about these cards, but from what I have been able to gather it was a somewhat limited release that was fairly high end at the time. Each pack contained 8 cards made up of six base, an autograph, and a memorabilia card. The set consists of 100 cards acknowledging pop culture, science, sports etc.

The cards are not serial numbered, but the ruby red base cards are limited to just 180 copies of each while the sapphire blue parallels are restricted to 50 of each.

These are very attractive cards with a nice glossy finish (all though they don't scan very well), and are on a very thick card stock.

These first eight shown came from the show and were 25 cents each.

These next four came from COMC and were a little more than 25 cents each

Considering the limited release, this set doesn't seem to be very popular with collectors. Which is unfortunate because like I said it really is an attractive set, but at least it will be easier for me to complete with so little interest from everyone else. Although I didn't really need yet another set to work on.


  1. Yes! An Ian Punnett reference! I believe he also used to say something along the lines of "to those listed from far above the earth, eat the Canadians first. They're much tastier!"

    Also, the Billy Watson and Mad Dog Vachon cards are awesome. Nice pickups.

    1. Yes, it was always funny to hear a group of people referred to as "tasties".