Saturday, December 19, 2015

Baseball cards from an antique mall: a follow-up

About a month ago I did a post talking about my trip to a somewhat local antique mall and showed off some of the surprising bounty that was to be had. Not having a scanner at the time made it difficult to try and show everything, so I left a few cards out hoping to get to them after a new scanner was acquired. So now the time has come to get to the remaining cards.

First up: three 1965 Topps Embossed cards
I don't know what the going rate on these is, but $1 a piece seemed like good deal considering the condition. I rarely see cards from this set at shows so to find them here was a quite a treat for me. There was also a Boog Powell in really sad shape for $3 that I passed on.

Next we have a 1987 Hills Nashville Sounds 26 card team set:

I already had about half of these, but I'm not going to walk away from the whole set for $1. It's kind of funny the fact that while living my whole life in and around Portland I never came across minor league cards, and now after moving to Tennessee I find them everywhere. I have no complaints about that, although I would like to find some older stuff someday.

And finally 1989 Baseball's Best One 21 card set:

And one of the backs:
This is somewhat of a mystery set to me. Google searches haven't provided any useful information pertaining to these cards. I have only found singles for sale on Ebay. These cards remind me of the Mother's Cookies sets that used to be put out, especially the glossy finish (it doesn't come across in the scans at all) and the no borders. They are also printed on a slightly thinner card stock. These were originally priced at $2, but had been marked down to $1. If anyone has any info on these I would love to know more about them.

That completes the purchases from that day. I hope to go back in another month or two and see if the seller has added anything new or marked anything else down.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. I think those Baseball's Best One sets are what are called "Broder"-type cards. There was a photographer in the 1980s named Broder who started putting out these unlicensed sets himself.

    Here's the checklist in full on the Trading Card Database:'s-Best-One-(unlicensed)?PageIndex=1#5549779

    1. Tony, thank you for Identifying the set for me. Searching for Broder cards has yielded some very helpful information. Although, now I'm wondering how it is that I had never heard of these before.

  2. There needs to be more cards of radio broadcasters.