Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Breaking down a two card trade

Recently Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown showed off a recent one of his custom TTM successes from Al Hrabosky. In the post he mentioned having an extra for trade if anyone was interested, which I was. So after finding some cards that were to Gavin's liking, I ended up with this:

The blurring is from the bad picture I used for this post.

As part of the trade I also got one of Gavin's Alan Young custom cards, so that I could try and get it signed. The card isn't shown here because it was sent out fairly soon after it arrived (and I forgot to scan it first). So I will show it off in a post, when hopefully it comes back signed (fingers and toes crossed). Thank you again Gavin for the trade! And for anyone who hasn't seen any of his customs in person, believe me when I say they look incredible. For someone like myself who has next to no computer know how, it is amazing to think that somebody is capable of creating cards that look this good. It seems like maybe the card companies should start taking notice of the folks out there with this kind of talent, as it wouldn't hurt to try and hire some people with fresh ideas.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. Glad you like and thanks for the kind words! I plan to show the cards from you in my blog post later today.

    1. If I were capable of being more eloquent, the words would have been kinder.