Friday, February 19, 2016

Not cool

So two days ago I got a Fairfield baseball repack of the 75 cards plus a pack in the hanger box variety, which is not uncommon for me. Now normally I have pretty good luck with these (especially the basketball ones), I just don't ever show any of the contents because there are always more interesting things I would rather showcase from card shows, COMC, ebay, etc.

Anyway, yesterday was opening day (for the repack). And upon the opening the pack I was absolutely delighted (sarcasm) to see that every card in the box, save for seven, had a corner mushed in. Now the box had no outward appearing damage, but judging by the damage to the cards it most likely got dropped at some point and of course then I had to be the lucky recipient of said dropped box.

So since I'm talking about it, let's take a look at some pictures. Also, I didn't bother scanning anything and I only edited a couple of the pictures. So if they look like garbage, that's why.

How about a close up?

Here's a few of the cards in the pack that I would have liked to have:

And of course this box had to be one with the 1:4 "hit":
Note the serial number, 148/250.

Now I'm not familiar with Brendan Harris, nor am I going to look him up. And it's not like this card means a whole heck of a lot to me, but I'm sure a Cubs team collector out there somewhere might have liked it (undamaged, of course).

And if this repack wasn't already enough of a disaster, Fairfield decided that it would be a good idea to include these as the unopened pack:
These Triple Play cards have got to be some of the lamest cards ever produced and I am supposed to be excited about the possibilities of what could be in my unopened pack. By the way, I haven't even bothered opening yet, as I'm sure it's full of punky corners too.

Since I'm complaining so much in this post, I might as well add to it with one more item included in this box:

I don't know what the f*&% this is, but it's not a card! It's only about half the size of a normal card and appears to be almost like a tag off of something. But it was certainly counted as one of the 75 cards.

It's nice to know that when someone get's a box like this, that there is no recourse. You can't take it back to the store, that's for sure. If I had the blogging status of say a Fuji or a Night Owl I could probably take to the twitter and say " Hey Fairfield, what's up with that?", and a replacement would likely show up in no time at all. But as is, they would just be like "who cares about this Joe and his thoughts on pretty leaves". And yes, I know this isn't the end of the world but it still stinks. My repack buying is likely going to cease for awhile as well.

Just so this doesn't end up being a post that is completely negative in tone I will close with three things on the positive side.

1. While opening this repack I was nearly given a heart attack by a sudden loud noise at the living room window that is about two feet away (at head level) from where I was sitting. Normally this type of scenario would not have an amusing outcome, but in this instance it did:

Thankfully she stayed long enough for me to get this picture. I don't know if food or the want to see if I got anything good was the motivation for the commotion, but in retrospect I'm very grateful for the distraction (minus the palpitations).

2. Recently, Jeff of 2x3 Heroes fame was giving away some pocket schedules to anyone that was interested. And like most people I'm a big fan of free stuff, so here is what ended up getting sent my way:
Thanks, Jeff! These are very cool.

3. Also, as I'm pretty sure everyone reading this already knows but Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown is having another one of his customs contest. It sure looks like whoever is fortunate enough to win is going to end up with a pretty unique prize. So if by chance you didn't already know about it, I would definitely recommend checking it out.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes,it does suck! I really wanted to use that word many times in this post, but I was able to resist the pull. So, I'm glad someone else said it for me. Although I guess now, I have technically used it too.

  2. Hmmmm, I'll still gladly take that damaged Harris off of your hands - not like his auto would be worth much "gem mint" anyway. That is quite the unfortunate turn of events though.

    1. Well, I'm not really concerned with what it would have been worth. That's not something I really ever pay attention to, I would just like to get neat things out of these that aren't damaged. Consider the card yours, an email will be headed your way shortly.

  3. Topps produced Stadium Club team sets for a number of teams back in 1993 - they were sold as blister, hanger packs at places like Walmart:

    1. Ha, I knew it wasn't a card. Thanks for the link, that really helps to see the source of this non card. I must admit too, that I'm quite impressed at how fast you were able to identify what is essentially a cardboard label from a clamshell package produced in 1993.

  4. Replies
    1. You have made my day with that Reference. Thank you!

  5. "I don't know what the f*&% this is, but it's not a card!" It's 8:13am on a Sunday morning. I shouldn't be laughing this hard. Sorry... not laughing at your damaged cards. It's just that I was thinking the same thing when I saw that "checklist" slash "whatever" card.

    1. I'm perfectly alright with you finding humor in this post. And the world might better place if more people had a good laugh early on Sunday mornings, or on any given morning for that matter.

    2. Agree. My doctor told me I need to laugh more... because it helps relieve anxiety and increases blood flow. So in a sense... you definitely made my day brighter and got my heart pumping more for at least a few seconds ;)

    3. Well, you reading and commenting on the post made my day a little brighter. So, I guess we're even.