Friday, October 6, 2017

Forgotten buybacks

I haven't done a buyback related post in a couple of months now, primarily because I haven't been getting very many as of late.

However, last month when I finally finished going through and sorting all of my old picture/scan folders, I was left with quite a few buybacks that had yet to make an appearance. So to make things simple, I'm just going to dump them all in to one post, and consider myself caught up (at least on the buybacks).

Most of these, like pretty much everything else in my old folders, are from various COMC shipments over the last two years or so. I'm hoping by clearing out all this old stuff, that by the time the next shipment arrives (around Christmas), and any future orders... that I can start getting in to the habit of covering the newer acquisitions in a more timely manner.

When it comes to most things, older is almost always better, buybacks included. Off the top of my head, I'm not certain, but I think I might have one stamped '58 Topps. If I do, then it would be my oldest buyback, if I don't, then I have half a dozen or so 59's that share the title of oldest. I really like the way Cubs logo looks with the black background on Dick Drott's card.

I wonder if technically I can call this a Willie Mays buyback?

It's always kind of weird to get a stamped card for the frankenset, that you still need an unstamped version of for an actual set.

For some reason when I think Cubs, the first three players that come to mind are: Banks, Santo, and Koonce!
Don Heffner is shown representing the Cincinnati Blues Reds.

If I were ever to start team collecting (highly unlikely), I would probably start with the Senators.

I think I need both of these guy's in unstamped form as well.

Some name recognition. I have three different versions of the '72 Rollie Fingers now, original, buyback, and autographed.

Tom Kelley is a former Portland Beaver, posting a 16-3 record in 1965.

The Penguin adds some more name power to the set, and Rob is a semi-rare (at least for me), '89 UD buyback. Oh, and how about the similarity in names?

This group of cards, and the two below, all came from a card show last year (I think). I don't know why they weren't added to a show recap post, and I don't even remember which particular show they came from.

Don Mossi seems to be getting a lot of blog love as of late, so I guess this is my contribution to that.

I may not be able to pinpoint when exactly it was that I got these, but I remember that these last three groups of card show buybacks, were 50 cents each. That I remember, because the price seemed then (and even now), to be almost to good to be true.

Back to COMC for these last three:

These were gotten during the 2016 spring sale, and were my first two football buybacks. I hadn't planned on trying a football frankenset, but after I came across that '69 Kermit Alexander for under a buck, I figured why not? They aren't nearly as prolific as they are on the baseball side, so it seems a little harder to find 'em on the cheap. But if Topps keeps on doing them, that problem should resolve itself within a few years.

Mike McCoy wants to know what you're looking at! His '77 RC is pretty cool addition too. So far I only have seven cards for this frankenset, and at the pace I'm acquiring them, this is probably going to be much more of a long term project.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. Nice group,of buybacks. I've been picking up a few Bosox here and there

    1. Somehow I imagine you having enough to be able to start your own Red Sox buybacks frankenset.

  2. That's a fat stack of buybacks. Love that Rollie!

  3. So many buybacks! I might be drooling.

    1. Hopefully you're not drooling on all the buybacks you've been getting as of late.

  4. I had no idea Topps had done football buybacks. Those are the first I've seen.

    Black frame '59s are pretty much the best.

    1. Just yesterday I read a post on a message board about the football buybacks being started in 2015, and they seem to have also ended in 2015 as well, so it looks like I might not get too far with this particular project.

      You know, when I was putting this post together I could not thing of the term "black frame", to save my life! I kept wanting to say "black border", which of course is incorrect, so even though it's too late for this post, thanks to you I will be able to use the proper term in any future posts that contain any black frame 59's.