Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Black Friday Boxes #2: 2013 Panini Golden Age

As I'm sure you were able to discern from the title, today's box will be of the 2013 variety (top right of the picture). Since I have yet to complete the base set, there will actually be a few of those shown this time. And like yesterday's box, the mini's are being left out, but since the 2013 edition had quite a few inserts, it should help make up for that (from a viewing standpoint).

Of all the three years worth of Golden Age box toppers, the 2013 Exhibit cards are by far my favorite. Even though Harry Truman isn't one of the most sought after, I still think it's pretty nifty, and I needed it, so that was a good thing.

Before opening this box, I needed 18 base cards...

... and I managed...

... to get...

... nine! It seems like I should have been able to get a few more needs than that, but that is kind of the way these boxes went.

Now we're getting to my favorite Golden Age insert set, the playing cards. I love both of these photo's so much that can't even come with the right words to describe it. And both were set needs too!

Both of these were duplicates.

Didn't need either of these either.

War Admiral was a set need, Frank Chance... not so much.

The Tip Top Bread inserts are pretty fun too, and thankfully I didn't already have Curly here.

The Musial is a duplicate.

Before this box, I only had two of the nine Three Stooges cards, and wouldn't cha know it, I had to go and get one of those two.

 Had both of these already.

I have always been impressed with the colors on the Delong Gum inserts, even though they're flat, they still seem to pop, especially in person. Mel and Curly were both set needs.

Now we're getting to what I consider to be the best "hit" of the box. When she passed away in 1937 (at just 26 years of age), Jean Harlow was not only one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but also the biggest box office draw among the other starlets of the time. I have seen Hell's Angels more times than I can remember, so for me, this particular relic is considered a pretty good get.

The good news is that I defied the odds and got two autographs, instead of the promised one per box. The bad news is... I already have both of them. It's kind of funny that the only other box of 2013 that I opened a couple of years ago had multiple autos has well (three to be exact), and one of them just happened to be a David Pollock too. Panini's really great about fulfilling expired redemptions, so I'm not worried as to whether I will get it or not, especially since I know Carl Eller did get around to signing for them, as I wouldn't have been able to get one off COMC a while back if he hadn't.

Overall, this box wasn't too bad, I just wish I would have been able to get more that I needed. The 2014 box is up next, so until then...

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. What a fun box break. I like the Alan Hale card quite a bit. I always picture him yelling a Gilligan so a smiling Hale is very nice.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. If you like seeing a jovial Alan Hale Jr., you should go back and watch some of his earlier films :)

  2. Great break! 2013 Panini Golden Age has just become my favorite product. 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes has officially slid into the #2 position.

    1. So does that mean that there's a box or two in your future? If not, I could probably hook you up with a starter set (30 or so cards away from completion) and some inserts :)

    2. Thanks for the offer, but I'll hold off for now. I did look at boxes online. They're actually more affordable that I thought. However being on a tight budget, I probably won't actually pull the trigger. However... maybe I'll think about it during some of the big holiday sales throughout the year.

  3. Rudy Stein! Too cool. Golden Age has had a lot of great ideas, but including the Bad News Bears in this set might be their best. (Also, I can use the Chance and/or Musial inserts if either are available.)

    1. Both are available, and both are now yours! You might want to make a note to self though, that way you don't end up buying them during a COMC binge before I can get them to you.

  4. I agree. The playing cards are sweet! I have a blaster in my pack stash but it's 2014.

    1. And who knows what great items could be hidden away in that blaster :)