Thursday, November 30, 2023

My first BAG

I removed all of my TCDB trade bait sometime around the beginning of January (and then gave away most of the newer stuff in a series of free stuff posts a few months later), so I was temporarily perplexed by an email I received a few weeks ago saying that someone had proposed a trade transaction. And of course those emails don't tell you what's what; you have to go login to the site to get the skinny.

Turns out that said proposed transaction came from our very own, Tom, he of the resurgent, The Angels, In Order. And what's more, it wasn't a trade proposal in the traditional sense, it was a blog appreciation gift, or BAG, as the kids might be calling it.

I'm familiar with the RAK (random act of kindness), as I've been fortunate enough to receive a few over the years, but a blog appreciation gift is a new one to me. Are BAG's the new RAK's? If so, I'm all for it. 'Blog appreciation gift' sounds much more meaningful, or at least it does if you're a blogger on the receiving end of one. I suppose it wouldn't have the same effect if you weren't a blogger. See what you're missing non-bloggers. If BAG's are gonna become a thing, that'll be just another reason for everyone to ditch those lesser mediums (Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and start a blog :)

Anyway, this BAG consisted of three cards, including the Bo Extra Bases, which is a card I just saw for the first time in one of Tom's recent posts. I'm mostly only interested in stuff from Bo's playing days, but I never bought any packs of Extra Bases, and I still haven't looked through all of his cards that I might want; so that's how I've apparently been able to go almost 30 years without seeing this particular card. Any other time, this card would be the star of the envelope, but the second card stole the show for me...

John Anderson is one of my all-time favorite character actors. If you have a favorite television series from the 50's-80's, he probably appeared on an episode. He certainly appeared on a number of my favorite shows: The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Project U.F.O., Night Gallery, and MacGyver, to name a few. He also had bit parts in two of my favorite films, Psycho and The Satan Bug. The only two cards he ever got where he's this visible are both in Pacific's Eight Men Out set. I think I have both of them on my want list, as I need a couple for various themed pages/collections, the two primary of those being the Perry Mason and Twilight Zone collections. Which one will this particular card go in, I do not know yet.

And I mentioned that this mailing consisted of three cards, but the third one is for my Portland Beavers collection, and since I don't like to double-dip, I'm gonna hold back on showing that one here and instead use it to dust off my Portland Beavers blog (and start a new series) sometime within the next few weeks.

Many thanks to Tom for the BAG. It was greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Bo: Then and Now

It's a trivial thing, I know, but still, I kind of envy other bloggers who've kept track of how many mailing they've received from other people. I suppose I might've done so had I A). Thought I'd ever be blogging for so long, and B). Thought anyone would ever actually send me anything. But I didn't, so I haven't.

Again though, it's hardly even worth mentioning, but it would be nice to have a list with some numbers that I could quote when posting about a mailing from someone; especially today's someone.

I may not have a list to tell me how many envelopes I've received over the years from, Bo, from Baseball Cards Come to Life!, but if I did, he'd probably be at, or very near, the top of said list. Heck, I've even sent enough in return that his address is one of a few that I actually have memorized. As a quick aside, it's funny to think that when I was a kid, I could, and did, remember dozens of telephone numbers, as well as numerous physical addresses -- and today, I can't remember any phone numbers (or at least any that are more than three numbers), and have maybe four addresses in my mental rolodex; ironically all belonging to folks that I've never even met, or spoken to on the telephone. Odd times for sure. Anyway, back to Bo...

He was kind enough to send an envelope earlier this year, which I still hadn't covered on here, and now just a few weeks ago another one arrived --which I guess was all the incentive I needed to finally give some public thanks. 

Most of the cards from the oldest envelope were claimed from Bo's trade bait posts, including the Vida Blue/Gene Tenace rookie up top. And while I've never been, and never will be, "rookie card guy", I still appreciate being able to add that one to the Gene Tenace pages. I don't know if I'll ever be willing to splurge for the OPC version.

One of the few exceptions to the above 'claims' statement, was these two. I really can't remember why Dick and Wes were in here, which I suppose is why I shouldn't be waiting so long to do these kind of posts. As the young radicals might say, I need to "do better". I do collect Dick Groat though, and rarely ever add any cards to that collection, so... any Dick is good Dick 🙈🙉🙊.

As far Wes goes, I still don't know what to do with him. I'm sure that I'll figure out something at some point though.

I believe that this was my third copy of Boog's '64, and while I hadn't planned on doing a page's worth of this particular card, it's awfully tempting for me to want to do so whenever I see a one whole row filled with any of the same card. The presentation of the League Leaders card is very interesting with Harmon looking directly into the camera, and Boog and Reggie looking in opposite directions below him. 

Catfish is another one of the early 70's A's guys that I collect for reasons that are still unknown to me. And even though I haven't put much effort into it lately, nor have I even tried to figure out how many more I need, I am still attempting to collect all of the action cards from the '71 set. 

There's a part of me that wants to collect all of the late 80's/early 90's magazine cards. There's also a part of me that wants to add Gregg Jefferies to my list of player collections. Thankfully, I've been able to resist both wants... so far!

We never ate a lot of frozen pizza's when I was growing up, and on the rare occasion that we did, it was usually Tony's. I do remember when this set came out though, but I didn't like Tombstone enough to try to get my mom to get one so that I could get any of the cards. It is nice looking design though, despite the lack of logos.

I do collect Jamie, but I don't really want every single card of his right now, and I never remember to look for any of his more interesting cards; which leaves me with not much of a collection. I'm pretty sure that this one was just a tossed in extra, and it was much appreciated!

That takes care of the old envelope.

I knew that Bo had a few cards set aside for me, but didn't think he'd mail the two that I knew about, so I was a tad curious to find out what would be padding out this newest unexpected envelope...

Bo sent me an email a few weeks ago to let me know that he had a few extra Posts available. Leo here ended up being my only need (at least in the condition that I'm striving for with my Posts). I could've swore that I already had this one, but after checking my list, and double-checking in their binder, it turned out that I didn't. I guess I had just seen it enough times online that I thought that I already gotten it. I've been focusing on my Jell-O and Post sets quite a bit lately (you'll be hearing about this in the very near future), so it was really nice to be able to mark another '62 off of the list.

I'm really surprised that there weren't more takers on Bo's recent OPC trade bait post. People are always goin' on about OPC this and OPC that, but when someone comes along and offers up a bunch of 70's OPC for trade, it's radio silence. Were I working on any of those sets, or even a team collector, I would've been all over those extras -- as it stands though, Gene was the only card suited to my interests. It probably won't happen very often, but this an instance where I was able to get the OPC version before the Topps.

1991 Upper Deck might be the best football set, photo-wise, ever. And I'm probably wrong, but it also feels like it was the last football set to have multiple shots of blood spattered/smeared jerseys. I'm guessing that this wasn't Dennis' blood, and judging by those eyes, he was looking to shed some more. 

I didn't think I needed this card, and I see that my list on TCDB says that I already have one, and was apparently wanting another? I haven't gotten into the Reggie Roby/Dennis Smith binder yet, so I either wanted an upgrade, or something went awry when I was making that list. If it turns out that I didn't need an upgrade, it won't be the end of the world, as there's certainly worse cards to have two copies of.

The next three cards were very unexpected, especially coming from Bo. He obviously took a few minutes to look at my TCDB want list too, which was nice of him to do. I had (or still have, I think I forgot to go mark these off) four cards from the Pacific Lucy set on there, including this one, which just so happens to be Aaron Spelling's only real card. 

Most of the time when I add cards like these to my want list, it's because I want them for a themed page, and often times, said cards are the only examples for certain people, in this case; Bob Jellison and Elizabeth Patterson respectively. Unfortunately for me, it's been so long since I added these two to the list that now I can't remember which pages I wanted them for. I have no doubt that it'll come back to me, I just need to take a few minutes and figure it out (probably by looking through their list of credits). I also think that the timing of this envelope was a bit curious, as I was just finishing up Lucille Ball's autobiography, Love, Lucy, when these arrived. A very enjoyable book, by the way.

I know that we're a few days past Thanksgiving, but nevertheless, I'm thankful to Bo for all of our interactions, and envelopes sent, over the years. I'm also thankful to him for being so supportive of all of my various blogging endeavours. He's one of the few people that reads, or at least scrolls through, all three of my blogs; and I always appreciate his doing so.

I was planning to try and get caught up with the last two old envelopes from bloggers (Jeff and Fuji) before the end of the year, but another one just arrived from Tom a few weeks ago. There's at least two other posts that I really want to do as well, so I don't know, trying to squeeze in five posts during December will be quite the feat (for me). I think it'll be a Christmas miracle if I do.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Doing my part

She may not be able to actively participate anymore, but if some group out there wanted to promote the joys of reading, an image of Marilyn Monroe holding a book might just be what they need for a successful ad campaign. I would have to imagine that it would, at the very least, help improve literacy amongst the male half of the population. 

It doesn't come across in the scan, but this particular hologram is easily one of the most impressive I've ever seen in terms of it's 3-D effect. The background details really pop when you turn this card. I know that it's old technology by 2023 standards, but I still find myself being quite enamoured with holograms, especially those of this quality.

This was another Sportlots purchase from earlier this year. And at 20¢, I consider it to be one of my better buys for the year. 

Thursday, November 2, 2023


I have had zero luck this year in adding any more copies to my "hoard" of 1961 Topps Billy Muffett's. Online prices have gotten silly, I don't do shows anymore, and my attempts to trade for any via the TCDB have all been met with silence. Once those avenues have been eliminated, there aren't a whole lot of other options available. Cue the email from, Greg, everyone's favorite Borgophile (if that hasn't already been trademarked, I'm doing so now) over at The Collective Mind, who let me know that he found one of my coveted Billy Muffett's at a recent show. 

I'm not the sort that people usually go out of their way to find things for at shows, so that, combined with my having been shut out on any new additions thus far in 2023, makes this a greatly appreciated mailing. That being said, if someone was gonna find a copy at a show for me, Greg was probably gonna be the one to do so. Finding things on other people's want lists is kind of his thing.

I hadn't had any reason to get into the binder that this "hoard" is in as of late, so had anyone asked me prior to yesterday how many I had, I wouldn't have been able to tell them. Turns out that this was #30. That might not sound like a lot to some, but I think thirty copies of a card from 1961 is pretty impressive. 

Greg, being Greg, also sent along another fella to keep Billy company...

I didn't have time yet to look and see if I needed this card, but it doesn't look overly familiar. I feel like I'd remember an instance of Reggie defying gravity. And if I do somehow already have one, it's certainly not a bad card to have two copies of. I suspect that at some point down the road my Reggie collection is gonna have a few pages that are just dedicated to multiple copies of certain cards.

Thanks again to Greg for taking the time to find one, or possibly two, of my wants. They're greatly appreciated!