Thursday, October 15, 2015

A rarity....for me!

It isn't often that I find vintage hockey cards in the wild. Back when I was going to the once a month card shows in Portland I never saw any hockey items period, not even any Portland Winterhawks(WHL team) paraphernalia. Even after moving and starting to go to the shows in Nashville I hadn't seen anything, which seems strange considering they have a NHL team.

So finding a dealer there a couple of months ago with a scant 20 or so older hockey cards in a discount box was like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Unfortunately, I only bought the three that are going to be shown here, as the rest were in bicycle spokes condition. So here's the couple of 1971-72 Topps that were in considerably better condition than the rest:

Of the three I was only familiar with Jim Lorentz. I can't remember if they were 25 or 50 cents apiece, but either way I wasn't going to pass up this rare opportunity.....for me.

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