Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tom Gola!

This post will feature three Tom Gola cards I got on Ebay about a month ago. Now I know most of you are probably thinking "Tom who?".

I won't go into his full biography here, as there are better sources for that info. But I will mention a few items of note. In 1952 he led La Salle University to a N.I.T. Championship and in 1954 he led the Explorers to a NCAA title.

Then in his first season in the NBA he was an integral part of the Philadelphia Warriors winning the championship in 1956. He was also a 5 time All-Star during his 11 year career and was enshrined in the Hall of Fame in 1976.

Sadly, he passed away earlier last year. But he did have one hell of a career.

Alright let's get to the cards:

                                             1957 Topps #44

The card is off center and he has blue ink mark on his face, but there are no creases and the corners are pretty darn good. This card brings my total of haves for this set to a whopping 4.

                                               1961 Fleer #14

                                                 1961 Fleer #51

These two Fleer cards are in wonderful condition. And these two bring my total of haves for this set to 13.

In case you are curious this lot cost all of $9.99 with free shipping, which I thought was quite a deal.


  1. Nice! Any time you can score even a single card from either of those sets for under $10, it's a victory, let alone 3!

    1. I do believe these might be one of my better purchases this year.