Friday, October 9, 2015

A view in stereo

So this past weekend there was a silent auction being held in a retirement community not to far from me. The auction part was Thursday and Friday and what ever didn't sell was available Saturday for purchase at the minimum bid price that had been set for the auction. So when we were there on Saturday picking up some won furniture I was looking around at what hadn't been sold and came across these two stereoviews that we had not seen a couple of days earlier.

Teddy Roosevelt:

And the Capitol building:

Both of these were put out by The Perfec-Stereograph company in 1903. I have always had an interest in stereoviews, but in the old pre Ebay days these you to be so expensive any time I ever came across them. I haven't really looked for them in recent years do to all my other collecting interests. Neither of these are particularly rare or valuable, but for my first two I think they are pretty neat. Plus the money goes towards a good cause so that is always nice too. Now all I need is a stereoscope(basically an old Viewmaster) to see them in 3D.

A note on the Pics:  Because of the curvature that is common in these it was not easy trying to get a decent image of the front and near impossible to get the text on the back to be readable for you.

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