Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Card show goodies part 6: The best of the rest

I have probably dragged this out longer than necessary, so this will be the last post pertaining to my recent card show purchases. Although, had I wanted to take the time to show everything I could of gotten a few more posts out of this, especially considering the raids I made on a couple of 10 cent boxes. So without further ado:

These are now my first two 1971 Topps Coins

I thought these were priced well at 50 cents each.

How about two 1978 Hostess cards.

Bob was 50 cents and Nolan was $3.

Now for some 1969 Topps:

With these and a few more not shown, I am now a little over 50% towards completion on this set.

And lastly, my biggest single card purchase for the day:

This 1958 Hank Aaron was priced at $12, but my offer of $10 was accepted. I think based on condition and the high number factor that this was a pretty darn good deal. All-in-all I'm definitely glad I decided to go to this one(originally I was going to skip it). Although with as much as I spent I won't be going again until the end of November.

On a completely different note I wanted to acknowledge the passing of the former Suns big man Neal Walk. He is now the third former big to pass away at a relatively young age in the last couple of weeks. He was an absolute stud while playing for the Florida Gators in college and went on to be the #2 overall pick in the 1969 draft. Neal had a very solid but short career in the NBA, especially considering the era in which he played. So I will end this post with my favorite card of Mr. Walk's that I own from the 1972-73 Topps set.


  1. What are some of the dimebox finds? Those are some of my favorite things to see, in my opinion

    1. They were mostly cards from the various baseball sets featuring HOF'ers and other old time players that I'm working on. Like the various Hygrade and Pacific Legends set from the late 80's and cards from the Sp Cuts sets from the early 2000's. I figured that since most of these cards have been shown on quite a few other blogs that I would leave them out.

    2. I gotcha, all told you got quite a sweet haul from the card show, from the looks of it