Friday, July 1, 2016

All that glitters isn't Golden Age

In the last couple of months I have found myself purchasing more and more from members of the Sports Card Forum. So much so in fact, that I actually bought more from there than eBay last month. Which is a good thing, as I'm always looking for alternatives to eBay.

After being a member of the site for a little while now and seeing how smoothly the buying process goes, I would highly recommend that everyone go check it out. There always seems to be good deals to be had from genuinely competent sellers. I should probably mention though, that while I endorse folks going there to make purchases, I can't say the same when to comes to the trading aspect of the site (more on that in a future post).

One of my recent purchases was a fairly large one, by that I mean a lot of cards were gotten. Since the seller was highly motivated, everything ended up being far less than the original asking prices. Amongst all the cards in said order, were quite a few cards from all three years of Panini's Golden Age, which is what this post will focus on.

My scanner doesn't seem to like cards from these sets very much, so prepare yourself for lots of subpar images.

 I will start with all the mini's first, and for all one of you out there that cares about the different backs, I have included those as well.


If I remember right, the Ty Cobb backs were supposed to be distributed at one per box. All though those odds didn't apply to me apparently, because when I opened my lone box of 2012 last year, I didn't get one. But, I'm not going to complain, since that was the box that I got the case hit in, which came in the form of an original 1933 Goudey Fred Fitzsimmons.

Moving on to the three 2013 mini's:

And the 2014's:
Three Bill Russell's + Three different backs = Happiness!

That's it as far as the mini's go. On to the inserts:
2012 Batter-Up #23
2012 Newark Evening World Supplement #'s 6 & 7
This was one of those times where even though I have very accurate checklists at the ready, I decided instead to guess at what I had, and didn't have, so this Joe Jackson ended up being a card I already had.

2012 Headlines #14

2013 Bread for Energy #4
2013 Playing Cards #29
I really like these playing cards. For me personally, these are one of the better inserts to come along in quite a while.

It's probably hard to tell from the scan, but this is one of the 2013 white bordered parallels. These are easily my least favorite thing that Panini did over the course of the three years worth of Golden Age. That being said, if you broke down my entire purchase, this probably cost around 25 cents. So, even if I don't like them, it's hard not get it at that price.

2013 Delong Gum #14
2014 Star Stamps #'s 1,10, and 20
Sorry for the crookedness on these, the static electricity on the scanner wouldn't let this group stay straight.

#'s 15 & 16
2014 Headlines #9
Serial #'d 42/50
This First Fifty parallel was only 25 cents too!

I was even able to get two box toppers, which are proving to be the most difficult things from these sets for me to acquire.

2012 Ferguson Bakery Pennants Blue #9

2013 box topper exhibit card #21
These cabinet cards are really great. The clarity of the image (in person) is absolutely amazing. This is card I wanted the most out of all the Golden Age stuff that I got in this order.

Now is where we get to the autograph and memorabilia portion of things. From here on all the images come via cell phone camera, so you should notice some much clearer images.

2013 Museum Age #38
This is one of the more common memorabilia cards, but at least mine has some stitching included in the swatch.

2012 Museum Age Authentic Collection Material #35

2014 Historic Signatures #GAM
That concludes the Golden Age part of that purchase. However, I have picked up a few more things in the last couple of months that I might as well tack on to this post as well.

First up will be an eBay purchase that set me back a whole $4:

2012 Historic Signatures #VB

Next is a Sportlots win from around three months ago. I was thinking of doing a single card post just for this autograph of Bo Duke himself, but I just haven't got around to it, so I might as well include it in here:

And since I finally just got my COMC shipment, it makes sense to add the couple of Golden Age cards to this post too.

2012 Historic Signatures #SC

2012 Authentic Collection Material #11
Another fairly common memorabilia card, but for $1.50 in credit, it was impossible to pass up.

I will finish up with my favorite of these three cards from COMC:
2013 Museum Age #27
During the Spring cleaning sale I got this for $5, which I thought was pretty decent, especially when looking now the lowest price for one is $30. I have been infatuated with her for as long as I can remember, which probably stems from watching way too many syndicated episodes of Bewitched on Nick at Nite at a very young age.

Outside of one card, this post get's me completely caught up with all things Golden Age. That "one" card is big enough that it will get it's own post sometime in the upcoming weeks.

How about this for a tie-in to the last card shown?

Thanks for taking a moment (or two) to look at my page.


  1. I'm a big Golden Age fan, and I wish Panini would bring it back. That Buck Weaver box-topper is absolutely stunning.

    1. I wish Panini would have at least put out some kind of statement letting everyone know why they weren't bringing it back. I really like the exhibit card box toppers, the only other one I have is one of Tatum O'Neal from Bad News Bears, which I got from my one box of the 2013 product.

  2. Loved Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery

    1. I'm sure many a fellow has found themselves Bewitched by Ms. Montgomery.

  3. Great group in f cards. Of course love the Russell's

  4. I wish they had logos, but I do really enjoy the photos they use!

    1. I'm one of those people that doesn't really care about the lack of logos, but I fully understand why it bothers a lot of other folks.