Friday, September 23, 2016

Two more rack packs of 2013-14 Prizm

Some of you might remember a post I had about seven months ago in which I opened three discounted rack packs of 2013-14 Panini Prizm basketball cards that had been found at the bottom of a Walmart bargain bin. If you are so inclined, you can see that post here. If you're not so inclined, the highlight from those packs was a Walmart blue Mark Jackson autograph that was #'d 3/5.

At the time I figured that that since I was so late to the party, that those would end up being my first and last of that particular year's rack packs that I would get to open, especially since they are basically non-existent online as far as purchasing goes. Well, fast forward to earlier this week when my mom was visiting Asheville, North Carolina on a mini vacation, and happened upon on two more packs, once again at the bottom of a Walmart bargain bin.

Each rack pack contains three retail packs and one pack of three red, white, and blue parallels.

Here are a few of the base card highlights:
I should also probably note that as usual these scan a lot darker than they actually are.
I am especially fond of the retired players part of the set.
Even though it's far from the most valuable card that came from these packs, I think the Wilt pictured above, is my favorite. I really like the way that the black and white photo on a mirrored finish looks. I think that there are two or three of those in each year's worth of Prizm.

My lone insert was this Wes Unseld Hall Monitors.

And the HRX Rookies that come one per pack. Thankfully they don't count as one of the four cards in the pack:

We are now entering shiny colors portion of the packs, AKA my favorite part:
My lone Walmart blue parallel and five of the six red, white, and blue's (you'll see the sixth in just a second).

Even though neither of these two is the biggest of names, I'm still glad to get two more of the green's that I didn't have.

Only two cards to go. First up, will be the second best card (monetarily speaking) in the packs:
Even though I have never been a fan of his, this Lebron was still a very welcome sight. If only, because this card has some value to it, enough in fact to have paid for the packs by itself. This card also proves that even an entitled jerk pictured on one, can't make these red, white, and blue parallels not look cool.

And finally, what could be called the "hit":
I must admit this kid is a bit of a mystery to me, in that I haven't seen him play and I don't really know much about him, other than the fact that his Prizm rookie (and it's parallels) sell really well. Oh, and he apparently just got a $100 million dollar contract from the Bucks. I actually hadn't even heard of him before, until a couple of months ago while searching through a sellers items eBay, when I saw the red version of this card (which would go on to sell for $50). I was slightly dismayed after seeing that, thinking that since I'm trying to work on this set (base and parallels), I was going to have an awfully hard time trying to find reasonably priced versions of his rookie from this set. So even though I know next to nothing about young Mr. Antetokounmpo, I was still pretty excited to see this card. And even though I have no intentions of selling it, out of curiosity I checked recent eBay sales, finding that the lowest priced one in the last three months...sold for $27. Which is about 27 times more than a number of the autographs that I could have pulled, hence my referring to it as a "hit". Whether or not, it will hold it's value over time is whole nother matter entirely, and honestly not something I will be paying a whole lot of attention to.

I sure hope I get to open more of these rack packs at some point, because I have had pretty darn good luck with them so far. Also, considering I don't collect a lot of current stuff, I have had a lot of fun opening these...and hopefully you the reader have gotten some enjoyment out of seeing them as well.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.

P.S. Even though she won't likely ever see this post, I would still like to publicly thank my mom for getting these for me.


  1. My favorite Prizm set. They never stocked the rack packs here at my local Walmart but I did get a couple of the Target ones. Didn't pull any greens though!

    1. This is by far, my favorite contemporary set. I just wish I would have known about them when they came out, as I used to live near multiple Target's and Walmart's, so I probably could have acquired quite a few more.