Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cards from home...

...or if you prefer longer more convoluted titles...Cards from Cards on Cards from home!

 A while back Kerry, a fellow native Portlander and the operator of the aforementioned "Cards on Cards",  had a Summer cleaning post full of stuff up for trade.

I didn't want to appear to be too greedy, so I only laid claim to a couple of items. One of them being a complete 32 card set of 1991 Pro Set WLAF Inserts. I won't go through all of them here, but a couple of the highlights for me were:

A former WSU quarterback and owner of a lifetime college coaching record of 80-60. Also is the father of a fellow a few people might have heard of...John Elway.

NC State legend, 15 years in the NFL, 1969 MVP, and the only coach who didn't get a win in the WLAF's 1991 inaugural season.

Got a rare win over the Ducks this past weekend as the coach of Nebraska, something he didn't get to do very often as longtime coach of the Beavers.

It would be interesting to see if the much maligned Cowboys coach would still be so, if Dallas could ever get a decent quarterback.

Being from Portland, Kerry is naturally a Trail Blazers fan as well (if you're from Portland and not a Blazers fan, there is something really wrong with you), so it wasn't too surprising to see some of these pocket schedules available:
At one time I had quite a few of these, but for reasons that made sense only at the time, I got rid of them. I must say that was really nice to be able to get a few back.

So I will end this by saying thank you, Kerry! And don't be too surprised if you find a package in your mailbox at some point loaded with Blazers and Cardinals.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.

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