Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Reggie MelBo

Despite the title, today's post will not be about a current NFL'er, nor the famous aborigine. No, this is just gonna be a quick thank you to a couple of folks who've been kind enough to send a few single card mailings over the last few months; and the title is just a not-so-clever amalgamation of the names featured on said single cards.

Going oldest to newest...

I can no longer remember how many have passed, but "some" months ago an unexpected PWE showed up from, Greg, the collected mind behind, The Collective Mind. At first glance, it appears to be just a regular old copy of Reggie Roby's card from the 1992 Skybox Impact set; but if one were to turn it over...

... one would see that it is instead the prototype version of the card. Greg mentioned getting this card in a trade, and subsequently thinking of me. I'm not the sort that people think of very often, so it's awfully nice when they do; and even more so when they mention having done so. Being sent a needed card is nice, too. Thanks again, Greg!

Sometime in the last few months, Tom, of the resurgent, The Angels, In Order, opened up a pack of cards from the film, Maverick, as part of his weekly junk wax series. I was never interested in the James Garner series, and therefor wasn't interested in the 1994 updated big screen version either. I was, however, interested in acquiring a card of Mel Gibson for the binder that I usually just refer to as my "childhood" binder (it really needs a better name though). It's basically just a binder full of things that remind of certain people/things from my childhood and early teen years. It's terribly unorganized at the moment, and I'm thinking that I need to start a second one, but the idea behind it/them is that I can use the items in there to recall specific memories; memories that I'm trying not to lose. If the binder(s) do ever get organized, I fully intend to start showing off pages on here, and hopefully then discussing the memories that each card provoke. In the meantime though...

I had inquired about this specific card after reading Tom's post, and he was kind enough to set it aside for me, and then out of the blue it showed up sometime later. On a negative note, I have realized now while sitting here typing this that I forgot to send Tom a thank you email after receiving the card, which is probably only the 3rd or 4th time that I've forgotten to do so in all of my years blogging. So, many apologies to Tom for not acknowledging his kindness sooner, which hopefully will not be considered a slight, as the card was very appreciated.

I never thought the time would come where I'd be seeking out any '91 Fleer again, but I found myself doing so after putting away the sun-bleached Bo '91 Fleer mod from Gavin, which revealed that I didn't have a copy of the original to pair it up with. And being the way I am, I actually need two copies to balance out the page's row. I was thinking that I'd have get them via Sportlots at some point, but, Randy, who some of you frequent blog readers might know as RJ Sahl, intervened and offered to send the two copies that I wanted. I really appreciate Randy doing so, mostly because I know with great certainty that this would've been one of those things that I'd only remember when I flipped by that page in the binder, and then would immediately forget again after I closed said binder. And it would've happened often, much more so than I would've ever admitted. Thanks for sparing me from that, Randy!

Many thanks once again to Greg, Tom, and Randy for their generosity.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. I'm very glad I had the cards to help you with. I have quite a few cards from that set, but I think I sent the last 2 Bo's I had.

    1. I don't know if I need anyone else at the moment, but I will keep you in mind just in case.

  2. It's weird seeing Mel Gibson in a Western. That would have been right in the middle of the Lethal Weapon movies? I just started my fall break, might have to add that to the watch list.

    1. Without looking, I believe it would've been a little bit after the third Lethal Weapon.