Saturday, February 10, 2024

The Super Bowl of scan dumps (Part 2)

I'll probably jinx it, but I was surprised by how many people stopped by the previous post. I was gonna say in that one that two football posts in a row is akin to blog suicide, but maybe I'm wrong for thinking that? I'm guessing that the two-part scan dump that'll have to do for basketball in a few months might be a bit rough though. I'll probably have to follow those with a free stuff post just to get folks to come back again.

Similar to the first post, a lot of today's stuff came from COMC, and has been sitting in folders for a few years now. There are few exceptions though, like the above SI for Kids Eric Dickerson, which I had marked as just "TCDB". I don't recall getting it, but it must've been part of a trade some years back. I may not remember getting it, but I do really like the card. It's always fun to be able to add those cards to player collections. Even more so if said player collections are in binders, as these cards can really brighten up a page.

I'm pretty sure that this was the only time that Ernie Ladd was ever referred to as "Little Samson". Someone at Fleer must've thought that he needed a nickname. It didn't stick. A few years later people would come to know him as "The Big Cat", which was a moniker that he proudly wore for the rest of his life. If you're like me and gonna own only one '63 Fleer, this is a pretty good one to have.

I originally bought this card for myself, as I really liked the colors when I first saw it, but somewhere in-between the buying and getting I fell out of love with it. That happens to me more than it probably should. At least in this case though, Steve was able to find a good home with Fuji.

Wild Card stripes are a real bitch for player collectors, especially those elusive 1000's. I think this 50 is the only one I have for Ronnie's "rainbow" so far.

I don't know who, or if, anyone still owns the Action Packed name, but if it could be done right, i.e. look like it used to, I'd be all for seeing the brand's return. Of course the way things are now, it'd probably end up being a Leaf product, and end up being Action Packed in name only.

This card had been on my want list for quite awhile prior to getting it. I know I had bid on, and then subsequently lost out on multiple copies on eBay. Under the photo in my scan folder I had noted the price of $1.50, which I must've thought was good at the time to have wanted to save it. This was, and still is, my only card of Fran as a Giant. I really should work on getting more.

Despite not being very interested in modern happenings, I found myself quite enthralled with Alex Smith's situation a few years back. As far as comeback stories go, his was one of, if not the most impressive that I can recall. Not only was his determination to return amazing, but his story also highlighted just how far sports medicine has come (now if the rest of the medical profession could just catch up). Like all modern players, Alex has close to 3 trillion cards out there, which I didn't want to collect all of, but did, thanks to his saga, want to pick up a few. I ended up targeting red cards only, mostly just because he played for three teams who had red in their jersey colors, which all look really good on red parallels.

I got all of the card in this post (as well as a few more) right around the time of his return, and despite the media attention, there didn't seem to be a lot interest from other collectors in his stuff. Because of that, I was able to get pretty much all of the cards I did for less than a buck apiece, including some that were serial-numbered.

I'm not really all that big on refractors anymore, but this one is just awesome in person. I think too that this was the only card of his that I paid more than a buck for. It's also my favorite. My collection as it were, ended up at around a dozen cards. I haven't been actively looking for anything to add to it, but I probably will start doing so at some point.

This scan and next one contain the oldest purchases from these last two posts. I'm not as into the Kellogg's 3-D cards as a lot of the other bloggers seem to be, but I do really like the two football sets, and if I weren't afraid of them all cracking eventually, I'd love to collect both sets. It's been so long that I can't even remember why I got Ed Meador. Dave Wilcox is one of a handful of former Ducks that I actively collect. And I had an idea to start seeking out cards of guys doing the Heisman pose, hence the Lance's inclusion. I didn't get very far with that collection, but it's not one that I've abandoned either.

All six of the Kellogg's came from the same seller, and if I remember correctly, the ones in the first row were around a dollar each, while these three were around two dollars apiece; which seemed like a pretty good deal given their collective star power. I actively collect all three of these guys, Mel, because of Ducks again, Alex, for his post football career, and Deacon, because he was a destroyer of worlds.

I was eight years old when Action Packed first came onto the scene, and I can remember being completely blown away by their look the first time I saw them. I never got more than a few packs, but have as of late I've really been thinking about trying to build the set via a box (or two if need be). These two came from Sportlots last year, and both went towards my Reggie Roby run. I can't keep track of the Collector's Edge parallels, but this was one of them.

And from another Sportlots order, this Silver Die-Cut(?). Part of me wishes that Reggie had been able to play longer so that I'd have more cards of his to collect, but then the other part is glad that he didn't, otherwise I'd have considerably more kooky parallels to have to try and track down.
I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to tack on a newer purchase to the end of this second post. A recent lot from eBay really helps my burgeoning 1990 SLU set. 

The lot was made up of eight cards, and as you can see, four guys were "complete". Finding cards paired together like this really makes things easier. It seems like though, despite each figure coming with two cards, more often than not you just see singles being offered for sale. I think that this lot was a perfect example too of why I'm getting so much enjoyment from the SLU cards, in that these were all guys that I remember from my earliest days of getting football cards, but they're being shown on cards that A). I haven't already collected once before, and B). that I haven't seen a million times over the years. Both of which make collecting a set much more fun for me.

I'm getting this one in just under the wire. As mentioned in the previous post, I won't be partaking in tomorrow's festivities, but for those that will be doing so, have fun; but don't overdo it. And for those out driving, be careful, there's probably gonna be a lot of drunks out there on the roads; before, and after, the game.


  1. Oh, man, "two football posts in a row is akin to blog suicide"? I hope not!

    I've looked at that Ernie Ladd card dozens of times and never paid much attention to the nickname. When you pointed it out, I realized I'd never heard him called "Little Samson," either. I found a wrestling article today, though, that says it was his nickname in high school. Here's the article:

    Keep the football coming! You have one reader, at least.

    1. I should've probably clarified that by saying that it is for non-dedicated football blogs.

      And I guess I stand corrected, thank you.

  2. I may not care about the NFL nearly as much as college football but I'm still happy to see football cards anytime. The color match Smiths are sharp and the Kellogg's look fantastic, plus I think it's cool you picked up so many SLU cards. I'm also always glad to see folks make progress on their PCs and you're the top Reggie Roby guy I know of, so nice job there. Your comment about not being able to keep track of the different parallels applies even more to today's cards. "Which version is that?" "Definitely one of them!"

    1. Are there any other Reggie Roby collectors? If so, I've never encountered any of them.

  3. Tarkenton was a Viking in '62 Post. Too bad the Giants couldn't put a better team around him.

    Consider this another vote for football card content!

    1. I know, I mistyped, sorry about that. It's been changed. Blogging is proving to be quite difficult right now.

  4. Kellogg's, SI for Kids, and SLU cards in the same post? It doesn't get much better than that... except when you a sweet Largent color matching Prizm card to it. Thanks again for donating it to my collection. Absolutely love that card!

    1. You really are the only person left who I could've sent him to.