Yours for the taking

This is my new page for unwanted stuff. I'm not announcing it's creation, so if you found it on your own, congratulations! 

Normally I'd do this sort of giveaway through a series of posts, but I think this way will end up being easier for me. Also, I won't have to clog up everyone's blog rolls with constant updates; so that'll be a plus, too

As per usual, nothing is needed in return, as this is stuff that I just want gone. All I really ask is that your claims be on cards that you want for your collection, and not your trade pile.

To try and give more people a chance at cards, I'm gonna limit claims to nine cards every two weeks. I probably won't ship out less than six at a time, but don't feel like you have to claim that much just to get an envelope, as it's not a problem for me to set aside a couple of cards with your name on them until the next round of uploaded pages.

And speaking of uploading pages, I hope to add more every couple of weeks or so, but no guarantees. I won't be advertising when I do add new cards to this page either, so any interested parties will just have to check back whenever they're so inclined.

If I haven't sent you anything in a while, or if you've moved and don't think that I have your address, please send an email (it can be found in my profile) with your address after your first batch of claims.

Please note too that I'll try to make mention of any major condition issues, but things like lightly touched corners will have to be something that you check the scans for, as I just don't have enough time to check every single card for the smaller issues.

Page #1: Baseball

Page 2: Baseball (Please note that all of the Reserve cards on this page, and the next, probably have some light surface marks)

Page 3: Baseball

Page 4: Baseball

Page 5: Baseball
Claimed #'s: 8

Page 6: Baseball

Page 7: Baseball (Card #2 is Scott Rolen)

Page 8: Basketball

Page 9: Basketball
Claimed #'s: 7

Page 10: Basketball

Page 11: Basketball

Page 12: Football

Page 13: Football

Page 14: Football

Page 15: Football (the Joiner Sunoco stamp has problems. Card #6 is Rob Gronkowski)

Page 16: Hockey (Cards #1 and 2 are IP or TTM autographs)
Claimed #'s: 6

Page 17: Non-Sport (Man on the Moon card has creases)
Claimed #'s: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9

Not shown: I also have a goodly amount of Topps Stickers from 1981, 1982, and 1983 that I'd like to find new homes for. These won't count towards your nine-card limit, so if you need anything form those sets, or even if you'd like a starter set, please don't hesitate to say something.


  1. I was scrolling through your blog and just found this. I feel bad claiming anything after you just sent me stuff, but if you are just looking to get rid of it, there are a few things I can use for my PC.

    Such as, page 5 Card 8-Pedro shiny
    page 9 card 7 Michael Finley
    page 16 card 6
    Page 17 cards 1,2,3 (left to right so should say top 3 haha),5, 7,9 man on moon, andy griffith)

    1. No need to feel bad. This page has been up for almost a month, so other folks have had plenty of time to make claims during that time. I was starting to think that no one was ever going to notice this page.

    2. Well I was actually trying to find your want lists and stumbled on this page while doing so :). I noticed a lot of my pages go unnoticed as well.