Monday, September 21, 2015

Half-off box of happiness!

Twice a month in Nashville there is a card show that usually falls on second and fourth Saturday of the month, but occasionally the are three weeks apart. Such was the case at the show I went to at the end of last month.

 It was the first of these shows that I have been to that was a three week gap edition. Since moving to Tennessee I have been to as many of the shows as I can get to, it can be difficult to get up the want, when you are going to be driving 3 1/2 to 4 hours round trip.

 Anyway so I had hoped this particular show would be good so I made the trip, and I couldn't have been more wrong. I noticed right away that all of the regular sellers I usually buy from were not there and I thought I had drove all that way for nothing until I spied a fellow with a box about the size of a small moving box filled to the top with vintage baseball cards and sign on the box that said everything in the box was 50% off the marked prices. I was told that one guy had already looked through the box, but I could tell he hadn't delved too deep into this oasis of cardboard. I then proceeded to spend the next two hours going through every single card in the box and ended up spending $60 total on I don't know how many cards.

 As I am just getting around to putting said cards in there respective binders I thought I would show off a few of my favorites. This just a small sampling of the group purchased.

There was lot of 1971's in the box but those were generally in the worst condition, so I only this one for 50 cents.

There was also a lot of  '57 Topps. Here are just couple of the dozen or so I got. I especially love the Pirates team card on the bottom that cost me a cool $1.50

                                            And the back:

      One 1964 coin for a $1.00

How about one 1949 Bowman for $1.50

I got a lot of  72's, but this was easily my favorite.

One regular 1970 Topps....

And one super

A couple of 1961 's

I got a lot of '69 Topps too. Mostly commons at 25-50 cents apiece to fill some set needs, but here are probably my two favorite.

I only got two 64's

There was a bunch of Hostess cards that I bought at 10-25 each. Here is a 1976 Johnny Bench that set me back $2.50, and with this card I am now about 60% towards finishing this set.

And now I saved the best two for last:

A 1961 Topps Bob Gibson for $5.00

And I will close this post out with this 1961 Topps Carl Yastrzemski. This one was all of $7.50. This was at the very bottom of the box and it's only protection was a penny sleeve.

I will have somewhat of a companion piece tomorrow. Thank you for taking a moment or two to look at this post.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world and to the South, Jon! Thanks for entering my contest with this post.

    1. Thank you for having such a neat contest.

  2. Love the Yaz and the Bench... but my favorite is the 1969 Topps A's Stars card. Never seen that card before... but I'll be adding one to my collection in the near future.