Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Card show summary part 1: The oldies

Since there was so much to be had this past Saturday, I'm going to break up the swag into two posts. And since vintage cards always seem to be the most popular with readers, I will start with those.

I decided to show them by seller, so other than that there isn't any kind of order here.

Let's get started, shall we?

Seller #1: In one of my earliest posts I showed a bunch of cards I got from a guy who had box about the size of a small moving box that said everything inside was 50% off the marked prices, and I ended up getting some really good stuff that time at some really great prices. Well, he was back with another half off box. Although this time it was some kind of fruit box, but it was just as packed as the previous time. And just like the previous time, I was the first person to look through it, which is somewhat surprising since the show had been going for at least an hour before I got there. So let's see what this box had in store:

Outside of the Al Kaline autograph in the last teaser post, this '62 Topps Eddie Mathews was my only other high dollar item at $7. Everything else from this seller, and every other seller for that matter, ranged in price from free (yes, free!) to $2.

I'm going to speed through the rest of these cards, which are all set needs by the way. Most of these were between 5 cents and a $1 apiece:

You can't beat that price!

These '56 Topps were the only football cards in the box. Not a bad pair though, and not a bad haul from that box.

Seller #2: This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite people at these shows to talk to. He couldn't be any nicer and anybody that goes out of their way to give free cards (Star Wars) to a small child is alright in my book. It also gives me a little bit of hope for the future when said child is actually excited to get the cards, and says thank you.

I will feature the first two and power through the rest again:

I never expected to see any cards from this set at one of these shows here, as other than Star wars, there is almost never any non sport cards to be had. This will be another card that will be temporarily staying in it's prison, just in case I find another cheap one ungraded.

I think this card was $1, which seems crazy considering how good of shape it's in. This is only my fourth card from the '54 Topps set.  I read up a little on Mr. Bertoia, and it looks like he had pretty decent career in the majors.

On with the rest:

All of the cards from this seller came to a total of $17, which I thought was pretty good, considering nothing was priced.

Seller #3: This was a new dealer at the show and was also the person I got the Kaline auto from. Most of their stuff seemed a little on the high side but I did manage to find this trio of '63 Topps football cards:

Seller #4: This was the table I hit right as I was getting ready to leave, so by this time I didn't have a lot of want left to look through any more boxes. Especially these boxes, because of how tightly they were packed. And there wasn't really any room to take out a stack and set it aside, to make it easier to look through the boxes. There were five 3200ct boxes separated by sport and marked at 50 cents a card. My patience only lasted long enough to find these two:

The Al Kaline is a little rough, but I figured he was worth the 50 cents. And going by the tops of the cards in the rows, I could tell this was the only vintage card in there. I know the Scottie Pippen Starting Lineup card isn't vintage, but as I said, I'm showing them by seller. Such a great image though. I love the look on A.C. Green's face and his pose, especially considering he's in mid-air.

That's it for the vintage portion. I will try to have the post featuring the newer stuff ready for Friday, but it will more likely end up being done on Saturday.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. One of my big regrets as a collector is still trading away that '62 Eddie Mathews for a bunch of meh cards when I was a pre-teen. Such a beauty, and I definitely would've jumped all over it at that price. The '71 Kaline for 50 cents is a steal. Plus, how can you beat FREE cards? Looking forward to Pt. 2!

    1. Well, at least at that age you have an excuse for your bad trade (i.e. Too young to appreciate vintage cards, not being fully aware of who he was, etc.). I could rattle off about dozen cardboard regrets from when I was much older and should have been much wiser. And there were probably around a dozen cards in there that were free, but I would've felt too greedy taking them all.

  2. Free SW cards given to a child and this many vintage cards makes me smile. Great pickups.

    1. Thanks, Fuji! I'm glad you liked it.

  3. free!?! that's fantastic. great group of cards.

    1. I think most people would agree, that free is fantastic!

  4. Great cards. You did well. Looks like you're working on a few different sets

    1. I'm working on an absurd amount of sets across the three major sports. And because of that, it's virtually impossible to go to a show and not find something I need.