Monday, March 7, 2016

TTM Tragedy #1: Dal Maxvill

Since you normally can't have triumph without tragedy, I thought I would show an occasional failure to go with my ever increasing amount of successes. And by failure, I mean one that has come back either unsigned or even worse, with something wrong with it. Obviously I can't show the ones that go out and will never be coming back. Like for instance sending a request to somebody who then gets fired less than two weeks later (It has happened to me twice now), which I then know for a fact won't be coming back.

So let's get to first installment in what I hope won't be a regular feature on this blog:

It looks much worse in person!
I thought initially that the envelope had gotten wet during it's return, thus causing smearing. However since the ink on the SASE wasn't blurred, nor were there any signs of ink smears on the inside of the envelope, one can only deduce that it got smeared before it was even put into the envelope. On one hand, I can still appreciate (and am grateful for) the fact that Mr. Maxvill took the time to sign it and send it back even in it's flawed state. On the other hand though, I kind of wish he would have just not returned anything.

One thing that I thought was interesting though, was the fact that this card and the Frank Lary success arrived on the same day after exactly two months to the day, after being sent out together on the same day.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.

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