Friday, May 26, 2017

To open, or not to open...

In my second to last post, I mentioned having an amazing outing at a semi-local antique mall. Many posts will be coming very soon to try and cover all the purchases from that trip, but in the meantime, one of the items is causing a bit of a conundrum.

While perusing one of the booths, I noticed on a lower shelf, two small plastic containers full of unopened packs. To my knowledge, these were new to this booth, so I was most curious to see what was to be had.

The first container ended up being bust, the prices were crazy high and the selection stunk. For example (yet another time I should have taken a picture), there was a pack of 1994 Collect-A-Card Power Rangers for $4... Yes, your read that right, four bucks for one pack! On a good day, you could probably buy four complete sets for that price.

So as you can probably imagine, I wasn't expecting too much once I moved on to the second container. And was pretty much the same story, at least until I got towards the end of the selection, which is when I came across this:

Upon first sight, I was stumped, as I had never seen a pack of whatever it was before. Due to the graphics and the type of foil wrapper, I didn't have to turn it over to realize that it was a product of the 90's, which perplexed me even more as I am pretty familiar with all things 90's basketball. Looking a little more carefully at the front, especially the multiple different company logos, I was able to deduce that it was some sort of repack... A repack unlike any other repack that I have ever seen before.

Turning it over:

The back didn't really reveal anything new. Googling "Treat Entertainment, Inc." only took me to a website with a list of expired copyright's. Searching for the pack name along with the year yielded bupkis as well. So according to the internet, either this pack doesn't exist, or if it does, there are none available anywhere else. My personal opinion at this point, is that this might have been a regionally issued repack, since I'm only one state above Alabama, it would make sense that if I'm right, they might have been available here at one time.

So the question now is, should I open it? I'm not a collector of unopened packs/boxes, but I can also appreciate that this is somewhat of a unique item, and I would really hate to open something that might be the last (hyperbole?) of it's kind. The guaranteed one Topps Finest card per pack that is mentioned on the front and back of the wrapper is most likely a Jolly Green Giant by now, and the front card that has had the MJ Metal Collector Coin (oooooh!) pushing and rubbing against it for the last twenty years, is probably in less than ideal condition by now.

I'm sure most folks will be leaning towards the tear it open side, but isn't there something to be said for leaving it as is? Well?

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. Replies
    1. That was quick! Judging by the time stamp on your comment, I think I might have published this before it was finished, oops. Hopefully the couple of people that already saw it will come back and read the NOW finished product.

  2. Your answer is on the pack. Michael Jordan coin inside. MJ wore Nikes. Just do it!!!

  3. I have a better idea: Do neither and send it to me :)

  4. It's too bad there weren't two of them. I'd say it's worth more unopened. There is probably one scrub / semistar Topps Finest card in there along with 17 1991-92 Fleer singles and the Jordan coin. The Jordan coin is probably one of those Upper Deck coins you can find on eBay for $2-3. Keep it sealed.

  5. Billy! Funny guy! I still say - open it! There's a lot of 90s product out there that for some reason, just isnt seen, likely packed away in basements or storage facilities. Your pack is fun find, opened or not!

  6. I have a collection of unopened Japanese packs, so I understand the concept of keeping something designed to be torn open... intact. With that being said. This pack wouldn't fit into that collection, so I would tear into it like a six year old version of myself tearing into a Twinkie package at recess.

  7. I figured that most of you would be in favor of opening it, but I'm still a bit surprised that only one person voted for not opening it. RAZ and I seem to be of similar mind on this one, so for now, I will probably be keeping it in it's unopened state. Although if Julie's right, and I'm able to find at least one more, I will pretend I'm a younger Fuji with a Twinkie :)