Saturday, April 9, 2016

These couldn't have all come from a dime box

I have been trying to write this post off and on, for a week and a half to no avail. Every time I have gotten a little bit written, I have ended up going back and deleting it.

You might be wondering why has this post been so problematic to put together? Well... honestly, it has simply been a matter of being overwhelmed! I was overwhelmed when I opened the package of cards that are going to be featured here, and I'm still overwhelmed by the thought of trying to do a proper post to showcase every thing.

You might also be wondering at this point, who or what was the source of this overwhelming package of cards? Well, you (and more importantly I) can thank Nick of the world famous (too much?) Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey blog.

After my recent post discussing my new found interest in buybacks, Nick asked if I would be interested in the only one he had available, and of course I was. This then led to a proposed trade.

The trade ended up being unbalanced, in my favor (I would have preferred to have it be the other way around). This was due to the fact that Nick didn't let me know that he was sending the equivalent of a card show in a package, so now it will be up to me to try and square things up.

Since vintage baseball is always popular with the readers I will start with that portion of the package.

First up we have a '72 Topps Rick Wise IA and a well loved '65 Topps Frank Thomas (the original Frank Thomas). Both of which would be pretty neat, but...

...if we turn them over... can clearly see that these aren't in fact Topps, but are instead products of are neighbors to the north. I only have a few pre-1974 OPC cards, so these are very much appreciated.

And for the rest of the oldies:

Having only one of these meant that set needs were filled across six different sets!

There was a large contingent of A&G in this package as well. These first three were a complete mystery to me:

After a quick google search I was able to find out that these are customs, and apparently pretty popular customs at that. The fellow that made these is clearly very talented and it's not hard to see why they are so popular.

This next one is just crazy:

A 2012 Michael Buffer mini  hand #'d to /25! See, Crazy! I don't even know what to say about this one.

And here's a whole mess of minis from various years:

And some inserts:

I didn't know who Lakey Peterson is, but this is still a cool memorabilia card:

There was also a sampling of Panini Golden Age minis in here to, which are very much appreciated:

Also included were two Golden Age inserts, a base card from the 2014 set, and misc. Randy Couture insert:
Here's a fun fact about me that nobody will find interesting: At one time I lived less than half a mile from Randy Couture! Fun fact!!!!

Rounding out the bulk of the package was a healthy sampling of cards from many different players of yore sets:

 It's hard to believe that I didn't have any of these! Talk about some major set helping.

And I thought it would be fitting to end on the card that was the starting point for everything else you have just seen:

Who would of thought that a 1978 Topps Larry Parrish buyback could have been the initial card that led to this treasure trove in a package that Nick sent.

Nick, I don't think I can properly express my gratitude for all of these cards. So, for the moment, a thank you will have to suffice. Also, you will be happy to know that I am actively building a pile for you in an attempt to balance out our lopsided trade.

Thank you for taking  moment to look at my page.


  1. It's easy to see how that excellent pile could have been so flabbergasting. Nick rocks!

    1. Yes, my gast was definitely flabbered.

  2. Glad you enjoyed everything! No need to worry about balancing out the trade, believe me, getting cards from my extras/doubles box to a happy home is what makes it worth it.

    I meant to include an extra note about the custom A&G minis, but forgot. I received a handful of them from the guy who made them last year, they're fantastic. Already have another stack started for you with some more vintage and old timers!

    1. Well then, I guess I will just have to say thank you again for your generosity.

  3. Great stuff. That Lakey Peterson is especially cool. Headed off to COMC to add one to my Surfer PC.

  4. Nick really knows how to put a package together