Thursday, April 7, 2016

TTM Triumph #19: A Hoops Sampler

I had originally planned on this post being the first of four covering recent trades, but I have been a bit of a funk lately, and because of that, I have been having much difficulty in putting those together. So instead, you're going to get a post that was much easier to write.

When I started sending out TTM requests a couple of months ago, I decided that for as a side project I was going to try and get as many cards from the 1989-90 Hoops set signed as I could. I decided on that set for many reasons. The number one being that I thought would be actually feasible to either get every card signed either through my own efforts or via purchase. Even with the couple of players who passed away very young (i.e. Reggie Lewis), there are still plenty of authenticated cards out there for purchase. I was thinking of trying an older set, but there a few players in pre 1980 sets that are almost impossible to find an on card signature of.

I have shown a couple of signed cards from this set before, but I decided to group together a few of the most recent one's for this post. I had some trouble finding the rest in my cluttered photo files, so there will only be six featured here. And in case anyone is curious, I am currently up to 27 signed cards out of the 353 card set.

So as mentioned, here are a few of the most recent returns:

 Randy Wittman: Was part of the Hoosiers team that won a national title in 1980. Current head coach of the Wizards.

Jimmy Rodgers: Has six championship rings as an assistant coach.

Kenny Walker: Probably best known for winning the 1989 Slam Dunk contest. Also, it's really neat that his signature includes his nickname "Sky" (between Kenny and Walker).

Jack Sikma: Future Hall of Famer. With all this nonsense about Yao Ming being elected (bull jive) to the HOF, it's absurd to think that Mr. Sikma hasn't been voted in yet. On a different note, did you notice this autograph. I think most people would consider this less than ideal because of the smudge, but I think it's absolutely wonderful due to the partial thumb (logical assumption) print. A lot of people can say they have a Jack Sikma autograph, but how many can say they have a Jack Sikma partial fingerprint!

Walter Davis: 1978 Rookie of the Year. 6 time All-Star. In his prime he could put up points with the best of them.

Spud Webb: Always a fan favorite and again, probably best known for winning the 1986 Slam Dunk contest. He ended up having a solid 13 year career, despite many "experts" saying he couldn't ever make it in the NBA. From what I have gathered he doesn't sign through the mail very much anymore, so I would like to think he did so for me because of my awesome letter.

Jim Peterson: A very underrated player. Known primarily for his defensive skills, but could also provide offense when necessary. He was also a very solid backup for Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson on those great mid 80's Houston teams.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.

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