Sunday, March 11, 2018

A change of plans

I recently received a package from Matt (the seemingly tireless owner and operator of the Sport Card Collectors empire), which was a good thing. What wasn't a such a good thing, was me taking over a week to let him know that I got it :(

Matt, being the good dude that he is, didn't seem to take any offense to the slight. Still, I've got a bit of a guilty conscious (especially after reading Julie's post last night), so I'm going to bump today's originally planned card show post (I was struggling to write it anyway) and give my public thanks (I already did so on Twitter, but the blog's more important) to Matt a little sooner than later.

A couple of month's ago when I got those dud boxes of Golden Age, Matt was one of the few people to claim some of the many duplicates that were contained within those boxes, and in exchange, he ended up sending me some Golden Age that I didn't already have... including this wonderful Juan Marichal Newark Evening News.

I'm not a big fan of the Headlines set, but I've still been collecting them Nonetheless. Being able to mark two more off the wantlist is very much appreciated, as I hate the thought actually having to buy any of them.

This Buck Weaver DeLong Gum was by far, my favorite card in the package! As an aside, I recently decided I wanted to own an original DeLong card, after checking the eBay, I found out something kind of surprising (sarcasm)... they're a bit on the pricey side, especially the one's that don't look like they've been through the wringer. Maybe someday...

With the addition of Hack here, I only need three more B for E's to complete the set.

Photo wise, this might be my favorite of the 2013 Headlines set.

Some of you may have noticed a recently added "Mini's" tab at the top of the blog, Matt is partially responsible for said tab being added. I had been procrastinating on going through all my Golden Age mini's and separating them by the different backs for the longest time now, but after Matt mentioned having some available, I decided to finally break down and make the list (not fun by the way). It ended up being worth the time though, as Matt sent some really great stuff.

As you'll see more clearly in a moment, there was quite a mix of backs.

Save for the Ty Cobb back, I think I might have all of Bill Walton's 2012 mini's now.

John Dean is the owner of the Ty Cobb back, which at one per box, were the hardest (not counting 1/1's) back's to get. I really don't think that I will ever be able to complete that set, but it's still fun to get them when I can.

Please forgive the crooked 2013's.

The Nadja back belongs to Al Simmons, for anyone that cares, those were one-per-box backs in 2013.

Tommy Smothers can't believe that he's gotta face two Hitman Hearns'!

A nice mix of back's here.

There were also a couple of 2014's to be had...

... and they too contained a nice mixture of different back's.

And if all the Golden Age above wasn't enough, Matt also sent along a dozen A&G mini's as well.

All the A&G's hail from 2013-15, and all are very welcome additions to my miniscule collection of Ginter miniatures.

Thanks again, Matt! All the cards were really great, and more importantly... they were all set needs. And hopefully I won't take so long to acknowledge the receipt of any potential future packages from you (or anybody else for that matter).

I also wanted to mention that I will be spending a lot of my free time over the next two weeks trying to help my mom out with some projects around her house, so some of the longer posts that I had planned on doing (card show stuff, comic book stuff, etc.) might have to wait a couple of weeks. I've been trying to stick to a regular posting schedule, so if you happen to notice some really short posts popping up, it's just because I probably won't have a lot of energy (mentally or physically) left to work on anything more significant.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. The variety in the Golden Age cards is fantastic. John Dean and Tommy Smothers? Awesome!

    1. Yeah, and they both have auto's in the set as well. I picked up Dean's last year, which will hopefully make it on the blog at some point.

  2. Lots of great stuff. That Bread for Energy insert is super sweet. Lol. I tied Julie's post into my thank you post for you. I swear I wrote the post before I read this one.

    1. Julie certainly got everyone talking, or rather, typing.

  3. I love Golden Age more every time I read one of your posts (and even more after revelling in all the great GA minis you sent me!). It's nice to know I'm not the only fanatic of that set out there.

    1. That's kind of you to say, especially since I still have a few more GA posts in the works (autos & relics). "It's nice to know I'm not the only fanatic of that set out there"... I feel the exact same way. I'm actually starting to get a little worried too, I mean what am I supposed to do once the base and insert sets are completed? The auto and relic sets will probably never get finished, but still...

  4. Golden Age is grand. I'm not sure why Panini has made so many great one-off sets. Cooperstown was another. Hometown Heroes. I don't care how many dupes I have, breaking these boxes is still fun.

    1. It would be nice to know why they keep creating these great sets, do a couple of years worth, and then yank 'em. Whatever the rationale behind it is, it's terribly annoying.