Saturday, November 25, 2017

Mutants versus monsters!

For a little over a $1 (with free shipping), I was able to pick up this wonderfully taglined copy of X-men Vs. Dracula #1, on eBay last week:

Released in 1993, this book is a reprint of Uncanny X-men Annual #6 from 1982, which is part 2 of the X-Men vs. Dracula story created by Chris Claremont, Part 1 was featured in Uncanny X-men #159 (also from 1982).

It doesn't surprise me that they would have been reprinting anything X-men related in 1993, what with X-Men: The Animated Series taking over the world and all (at least if you were a kid at the time), but I can't really figure out why they would have only reprinted the second part of a two-part story (and made it issue #1).

I also can't figure out how I could have possibly missed this book in 1993 (or the original's), especially considering that at time I would have been fully immersed in comic book collecting. I would have been attending multiple different shops on a fairly regular basis, plus I was working at my Uncle's twice a year comic book shows, so I'm at a loss to explain how this two-part series could have remained unknown to me until all these years later. Now all I gotta do is find a cheap copy of Uncanny X-men #159.

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  1. Cool cover. I'm definitely interested in seeing how the X-Men crossed paths with Dracula... and what the outcome was.

    1. Well, it was Marvel's Dracula (from the Tomb of Dracula series), so they were obviously trying to cash in by doing a crossover.