Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cardboard Art

I thought I would do a quick post to show the five 2015-16 Panini Court Kings box toppers that I got from Sportlots about two weeks ago. I had originally thought I might want to try and get a box of these, but after seeing how few cards make up a box and seeing the base card design (which I don't really like) I decided to pass. That being said, I really like the look of the box toppers. And with fifty cards in the set, it seems like completing them might be possible, especially if I can get the rest as cheap as I got these (they averaged out to about $1.50 each).

The fifty card set is comprised of 25 Career Progression cards and 25 Panoramic cards.

These first two are from the Panoramic group:
#20 Derrick Rose

#22 Kevin Durant
And one of the backs:

And these next three are from the Career Progression group:
#7 Brandon Knight

#12 Ray Allen

#21 Gary Payton
And the back:

These cards have a neat canvas type feel to them as well. The only real problem with collecting these is the size, as the 5x7 aspect ratio makes them hard to store. I do have two minor complaints with the set though. 1: Since the set isn't very big I don't like that there are a couple of guys in both groups, but I guess people might lose their minds if Lebron James didn't have two cards in the set (I would have been just fine if he didn't have any). 2: With the inclusion of player's from the past in most sets these days, I don't know why they include a couple in the Career Progression group. I know Gary Payton is technically from the past but I would have liked to have seen a Bob McAdoo, Tiny Archibald, Alcindor/Jabbar, etc. included in here as well. But even with these minor complaints, I fully intend to try and complete the set at some point (probably when everyone else loses interest in them, which will most likely be in a few weeks or so).

On a completely different note I wanted to show a couple of pictures I took during the recent snowfall. We had around 9 inches of snow. And yes I know a lot of places had considerably more, but I think that what we had is considered quite a bit for Tennessee.

This first picture is a view from the back porch:
The frog pond that is towards the back of this picture could double as an ice skating rink.

This next one is from the front porch:

And the last one here is my favorite:
This little fellow (or gal) was temporarily separated from the rest of it's herd after I accidently scared them away. But don't worry the mom came back and waited about 100 yards away for him (or her).

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. Those Career Progression cards are phenomenal! I absolutely adore this concept and the execution is spot on. I sure wouldn't mind seeing this idea make it's way over to a baseball set.

    1. If done right, they would probably work great for any sport.

  2. I'm really hoping that WVU produces a quality NBA player soon. That will be the only way I get to enjoy some of these nice new sets. I was a huge fan of the recent Diamond Kings and Gridiron Kings.

    That is a lot of snow for Tennessee. Nice action shot of the deer!

    1. In this era of one and done's I don't follow college basketball too much anymore. That being said I did think Joe Alexander was going to have a better NBA career than he did. And you still will always have Jerry West.

  3. That Ray Allen is a beautiful card

    1. Especially at the Celtic point of his career, right?

  4. Great view from your porch. Super duper beautiful. Any of those pictures could be turned into post cards. As for your Court King box toppers... those are sweet too. Love it when card companies put art cards on that "canvas" cardstock.

    1. Yes, they could be part of a "postcards from the middle of nowhere" series.