Sunday, January 31, 2016

COMC Hoard part 8: Non sports

I wanted to start off by saying that is not even funny how far behind I'm getting on posts right now. I still have stuff from two card shows ago that I wanted to show, and now I have stuff from the card show yesterday to add to the pile.

 I still haven't finished with these COMC posts, and now there is another batch of cards coming from them. I have been very fortunate in the last couple of weeks to be right on the ball when sellers seem to be trying liquidate their inventory with 70 to 80 percent off sales, and you really have be on those soon after they are posted otherwise all the other sellers show up willing and able to cannibalize one of their own to then mark everything up for resale. So it hasn't taken me long to get to 100 cards and therefor get the $5 credit one gets for requesting shipment on over a hundred cards, plus I was able to use my free shipping that I got from one of the scratch offs that they included in the Black Friday shipments.

And on top of that there is trade material from Mark Hoyle that I will try to get posted this week, not to mention some of the other various acquisitions from Ebay, Sportlots, etc. Hopefully it's not considered a faux pas to show things that were gotten months earlier, since I will most likely be doing that for quite awhile.

All that being said, I guess it's better to have too much to show rather than not having enough. So let's get to the cards, shall we?

These will go from oldest to newest, starting with something a little different.

1910-ish tobacco college series felt blankets for the University of California:
Before getting this one I had never encountered these before. There doesn't seem to be very much definitive info about them available. It seems they were put in with many different tobacco products beginning around 1910 and ended around the time of the first World War. They came in two different sizes, this one being of the small variety measuring around 2.5''x 3.75". Also each school seems to come in a variety of different color combinations. It really amazes me that things like this have survived in such great condition, but that doesn't appear to mean much price wise as their doesn't seem to be very much interest in these.

1941 Goudey Sky-Birds Chewing Gum #9 U.S.A Curtis Pursuit Plane:
This is only the second card I have gotten from this set, and it is in far better shape than my other one. The vivid colors on the cards from this set are very appealing to me. The backs on these are intentionally blank so I didn't bother scanning it.

Next up is three cards from a set I absolutely adore!

1952 Topps Look n' See:
#127 Galileo

#30 Charles Lindbergh

#45 Amelia Earhart
I LOVE these cards. I was really happy to get the Amelia Earhart for the price I did as she is the third most expensive card in the set, behind  Rembrandt and Babe Ruth.

1953 Bowman Television and Radio Stars of NBC #58 Ronnie (Christopher) Walken:
This seems to be a very popular card amongst the bloggers, as I have seen it featured on multiple blogs. I don't know how many people are actually working on the set though.

1953 Topps Who-Z-At Star #79 Errol Flynn:
Another set being built at a snails pace. Cards from this set seem to be hard to get in decent shape for affordable prices. I was curious if anyone reading this has even seen any of Errol Flynn's films? If so, do you have a favorite? I have always been particularly fond of the Dawn Patrol remake.

Moving on. Here's two from the 1962 Topps Civil War News set:

It's funny how tastes change as on gets older. When I was growing up I really didn't like this set, and now I find myself liking it more and more as time passes.

1962 Topps Mars Attacks #46 Blast off from Mars!
It's hard to believe this is my first card from this set (although now there are more on the way). It has a small crease on the right side, but I don't care it's still neat.

 Here are four cards from the 1966 Topps Lost in Space set:

And one of the backs:
I didn't think there would be too many fans of the show reading this, so that's why I only scanned one of the back's. This is one of those shows that I watched a seemingly endless amount of reruns from, while growing up. I didn't realize until very recently how heavily collected this set is, which is probably why I can't find any singles cheap.

1969 Topps Brady Bunch #50:
Looking at this card all I can think is "Geez, I sure would like to have all the stuff that is pictured in Brady's boys room". Seriously look at all those neat things! Oh, I forgot to scan the back of this card before putting it away, so no back shot.

And finally a card of Rutherford B. Hayes from the 2007 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Americana insert set #'d 183/550:
I know that technically this comes from a baseball set, but the majority of this insert set is non sports figures. I can't remember how many cards are in this set (around 60-70) and each one is serial numbered to 550, which makes it a slow set build.

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page!


  1. Those are some cool cards. I am not working on any similar set builds, but the ones from this lot that I would be most likely to collect are the Mars Attacks! and Civil War News sets. There are a lot of cool cards out there and I've got a limited amount of time and resources, so project ideas like these tend to fall by the wayside.

    1. It is impossible for me to focus on just a few sets, so I tend to have a few cards from a lot of sets and therefor very few complete sets. But I'm not in a hurry, so it doesn't really matter if or when I complete them. As far as resources go, I wouldn't have the majority of these if it wasn't for all the credit I have earned from doing their challenges. But, I also don't have a life so I have plenty of time to devote to said credit earning.

  2. Great stuff. I really want to pick a vintage non-sport set and build one... but I have way too many things on my plate as it stands. I'm definitely adding the Cal tobacco blanket thing to my wantlist... and I might need to hunt down some Brady Bunch cards too.

    1. Sometimes I wish that I could focus on one set at a time, but try as I might I just can't. You should be able to get pretty much any one of the felt blankets fairly cheap on Ebay, because as I mentioned there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in them. I'm fairly certain that I will never be able to complete the Brady Bunch set as the prices aren't generally in my range and they seem to be going up, especially as the popularity in grading has increased.

  3. Great stuff Jon. I haven't tried too much in way of collecting non sports. What I do have is more recent items like most of the Family Guy autos and a good bit of Walking Dead cards.

    1. Have you done many posts on your non sport stuff?