Sunday, December 13, 2015

TTM Triumph #5: Dave Cowens

This one was a pretty good get. I feel like the card by itself could be enough for this post, but I'll add a few career highlights. Number 4 overall pick in the 1970 draft (on Bill Russell's recommendation), co-rookie of the year, 1973 MVP, 7 time all-star, 2 NBA titles under his belt, 1 of only 4 players to lead their team in all five major statistical categories for a season, and inducted into the hall of fame in 1991.

As usual a big thank you goes out to Mr. Cowens.


  1. Cowens was always a favorite of mine as a kid. Used to attend his basketball camps

    1. Attending any former player's camp must of been neat. But going to a camp ran by a player of the caliber that Dave Cowens was, must have been truly amazing.