Friday, October 23, 2015

Two new autographs

These two cards were supposed to be in the second to last post, but thanks to a wonky internet connection and some impatience on my part they had to wait.

So now they get to be featured in this quick follow-up.

2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time Autographs Erik Estrada

Adventure Time is one of three current television shows that I watch. And being a big fan of the show, naturally I would want to collect the cards. I have the complete base set (and a lot of doubles in case anyone is interested) and am trying to complete the insert sets. I'm also slowly working on the autographs and I suppose the sketches too (pricey!). So I was very happy to add this one to the collection via Ebay for $3.99 with free shipping.

As far as Erik Estrada goes, I  really can't call myself a fan. CHiPs was on before I was born and when I was growing up it wasn't one of the seemingly endless amount of shows I watched in syndication. Although he was on an episode of Kolchak, which is my favorite show of all time, so I might have wanted his autograph just for that reason alone.

2001 Inkworks Smallville season 1 Autographs Joe Morton

I hate to admit it. But I did watch Smallville, and stuck with it way too long (6th or 7th season). Every time I was ready to finally give up on it, they would have an amazing episode where they would make you think the series is going to turn around and head in the right direction. But just when it would look like things were picking up they would always go right back to the same bulljive as before. I have no regrets about not seeing it through.

I really wanted this card solely because of Joe Morton's portrayal of the unfortunate Miles Dyson in T2. Simple as that! I think the total for this card was around $5.00 on Ebay. Hopefully these were worth the couple of days wait.

Also I wanted to mention if you follow the link below: a fellow called Gavin is having very fun sounding contest in which part of the prize is a custom made card by him of your choosing. For someone like me who is computer challenged (in case you didn't notice by looking at the very lame appearance of this blog) it seems mind boggling to me that people are capable of creating their own cards. So go check it out!


  1. Cool Estrada autograph. I've never watched Adventure Time, but I've heard it's really good. Discovered it's on Hulu, so maybe I'll check it out when I'm all caught up on Agents of Shield.

  2. If you do decide to give it a go, you should probably know that the show really starts to find itself about halfway through the first season. From then on the animation gets crisper and the storylines get more intricate.