Monday, November 2, 2015

You be the judge: Is this the best or worst repack card of all time?

I was doing some sorting yesterday and came across a card that I had somehow completely forgotten about.

The card in question came from one of those 100 card Fairfield repacks in the little hanger box, that was purchased sometime before this past summer.

I guess it's probably best to show the card now and then discuss it more below.

1976 Topps Derrel Thomas

That is some card, huh?

My first reaction upon pulling this card was to smile. I mean look at the corners,  the creases, and especially the tack hole. I don't know how the cards are chosen and dispersed into these packs, but it seems amazing that this card could have ended up in here.

And you can tell there has to be a story behind this card. It looks like Derrel was some little kid's favorite player and that when the card wasn't in there back pocket, it was tacked to the wall for safe keeping. I kind of like the thought that one of the workers at the Fairfield factory was once that little kid and decided to send the card out into the world. You know, like that old saying about if you love something set it free.

So what do you think? Is this the best or the worst card to come from a repack?


  1. It could only be improved by being Bake McBride or Oscar Gamble. It's got a lot of character, definitely!

  2. Best or worst. Hmm. I wouldn't call it the worst. Since I'd rather find any vintage common in a repack than a Junk Wax Era common. However... if this was the best card in my repack, I'd probably pass on repacks in the future.

    But that's just me. Bottom line... if you like the card, that's what really matters.