Friday, March 15, 2019

COMC Shuffle #2

Hey there, and welcome to the second edition of the new series that everyone's been talking about... what? You say that you haven't heard anyone talking about it? Well, it's entirely possible that I may have exaggerated a little, nonetheless, you're here, and I'm here, so let's do this!

On the off chance that you missed last week's inaugural post, and you don't feel like going back to see what's what, the concept is pretty simple, in that I'm just letting my picture program's shuffle feature decide which ten items from last year's COMC horde gets shown per post. See, simple!

1961-62 Fleer #32
A multiple time all-star, and multiple time champion (three with the Celtics), Willie's one of those great players that fans just don't seem to remember anymore, or worse, just don't care enough about to go read up on.

Don't know if anyone's interested, but here's the back anyway.

2014-15 Panini Prizm Yellow and Red Mosaic #64 (x2)
Collecting hall of famers is always fun, but collecting future hall of famers can be just as fun.

2018 Panini Classics Timeless Tributes Gold #133
Of all of the Classics parallels that I own - which really isn't that many - this Paul Hornung ranks up there amongst my favorites... so much yellow!

2012 Panini Black Friday Panini Collection Progressions - Magenta #BM
I'm working on a number of Progressions rainbows right now (I've even finished two), Biz is by far my favorite one that I've got going. I have 3 out of the 4, but the black is proving to be rather elusive, of course when there's only five copies out there, it isn't hard to imagine to why. I don't have a most wanted list or anything, but if I did, that black would be at the very top.

1999-00 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Maximum Jordan #MJ4
I've made my feelings known about MJ on this blog many times over the years (not a fan), but I do like 90's inserts, and HoloGrFX was, and still is, one of my favorite sets, so...

Upper Deck really went bonkers with the MJ insert sets, most of which are terribly uninteresting, but I am working on this one, in fact I now only need one more to complete the six-card set.

2013 Panini Golden Age Historic Signatures #JEH
Only two posts in to this series, and the shuffler already landed on the most expensive card from last year's haul. Whether it's big-time movies like The Bad News Bears or Watchmen (if you haven't seen the director's cut, watch that version), unfairly cancelled television series' like Human Target, or even all but forgotten cartoons like Gravedale High, Jackie Earle Haley never disappoints. Of all of the Bears signatures in the 2013 set, Jackie is the most pricey, not only because of everything else he's done, but also because of all the Bears signers, he signed the least amount of cards. And even though it was a bit higher than I would've liked to pay (or rather, use credit on), I'm still happy to say that I got it for less than the going rate on eBay.

2014-15 Panini Prizm Yellow and Red Mosaic #134
It seems like I've seen multiple discussions on Twitter in recent weeks about whether or not VC is hall worthy. If I was in charge of such things, he wouldn't make it (nothing personal, I just don't think that he's done enough), but I'm not, so he will be elected at some point (I'll put money on that).

2013-14 Panini Prizm Retail Green #235
I didn't used to notice the matching color parallels, but thanks to Chris and his collection of them, I now do - and dare I say, that I've actually gone out of my way a few times to look for them in the last year or two.

2013 Panini National Convention Progressions - Black #7
Without looking at my binder, I think this is my only progression from one of The National sets. I prefer the progressions from the Black Friday sets, but it was just too hard to pass up a Kobe card that has a print run of 5, for less than $5 (in credit).

2011 Topps Lineage Reprint Autographs #RA-CD
Love this autograph set, but like a lot of other things, it's been sort of pushed to a back burner. As for the player depicted, there doesn't seem to be whole hell of a lot of info out there about Chuck Diering, even the SABR people haven't done a piece on him yet - probably should have started working on that before he passed away back in 2012, hmm?

Another decent selection, if I don't say so myself. I can see that me and this shuffler are going to get along just fine :)

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my page.


  1. Is it just me, or does Tony Parker look like Aziz Ansari in a Spurs uniform on that card?

    1. Hmm, I guess I can see the resemblance a little bit.

  2. Dude naulls. Also, Rorschach!

  3. there ya go with your little Golden Age Signatures. I love these so much. A smart set choice!

    1. I'm pretty fond of them myself, so it's always nice to know that someone else appreciates them as well.